The Goody Two Shoes of 2007 - Inspirational Good Deeds Contest

Are you a kindhearted person who does good deeds for other people without any need for them to thank you?

Do you know of anybody who does compassionate acts of kindness for other people and requires no thanks in return?

We are looking for the most superb Goody Two Shoe story of 2007.

Tells us an inspirational story about their or your good deeds and you can win a prize of $500.00.

It can be a kindhearted child, it may be a good natured adult, perhaps it is a benevolent senior.

There is no age limit on helping other people to enjoy life.

Anyone can enter the contests.

Your story and three runners up will be published in - The Point of Life Global Newsletter and on - Point of Life website - for one year.

The winner will receive a check for $500.00

No purchase is necessary to enter.
The contest ends on the 31 December 2007

Email entries only please with your name, address and phone number
Send to:
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Point of Life Inc.
PO Box 7,
3032 East Commercial Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale
Florida 33308
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Author's Bio: 

Michael Levy is the author of eight inspirational books. Michael's poetry and essays now grace many web sites, newspapers, journals and magazines throughout the world. He is a prominent speaker on health maintenance, stress eradication, wealth development, authentic happiness and inspirational poetry.

Quote "Beginners luck can last a lifetime once we understand how lucky we are to be born" _Michael Levy