At 55 years of age I put on my turquoise bikini and walk out to the end of our dock at the lake where my husband Bruce is working for the morning. Even though he is buried in his legal papers he is aware of my presence as I arrive by his side. He then became present with me for a beautiful respectful moment.

I certainly don’t have a figure like our daughters, I am way past that, yet he always compliments me in a loving and adoring way.

Today I can say that I have accepted my physical changes that come with a change of life, it has not always been like that for me and my critical self. Over the years I was never satisfied with my body weight or figure…crazy…as I look at past pictures and remember how I never saw myself in a loving way…judging myself in the moment. Now I look at my past pictures and see how I always took care of myself and did look great. I wasted so much time and energy on self-doubt and not seeing me with loving eyes.

You see, it wasn’t how I looked, it was how I felt…the weight, critical judgment and self- doubt was all connected to the emotional weight I carried. The connection with my loving heart was for everyone else…but not for me.

Over the years I worked hard at shedding the negative thoughts and released the emotional pain of my past. Each day I connected to my heart from the inside out and became the Goddess. Some days were better than others and some moments a complete connection and others not at all. It was always a work in progress and always will be.

I have been conscious of the Goddess energy in me and others for many years now. There are many aspects of ourselves that we can be down about and I have learned that my emotional attention has been the peace in me that has opened my heart to all that I am.

It is time for the triple Goddess…the Goddess who takes care of herself…Mind, Body and Spirit. I am a triplet and with this I know I have had the privilege to experience myself intensely because of my truthful and exceptional relationships with my sisters Frannie and Philomene.

Frannie is my identical triplet sister…my mirror. I have had to face my ugliness or dark side and in her eyes I have felt the same beauty that she is. Frannie and I are one cell split and we do feel complete when we are together.

Philomene is our fraternal triplet sister and she became very independent from us at a young age. She showed us our independence and over the years she has come back to the union of our sisterhood.

Each of us has explored life and our own souls search for truth has brought us back together in heart. We always loved being together and our unconditional relationship and respect for one another was a deep foundation within when we needed to separate to find our own personal passion and power.

I am so grateful to have the experience of coming into the world with two sisters. The blessings of this miracle are always reflecting and contributing to the woman I am.

I am living the Goddess Connection! The truth is…the connection is always there and it is my choice to connect. If I can’t, there is something in the way…and that is me, my emotional barriers, my past pain or my self-doubt.

I don’t believe that we start womanhood as a Goddess…I believe that we become a Goddess. Once we connect within we can sustain this Goddess Connection if we practice…live it…and clear the way to our God self…God meaning Love…Unconditional Love.

We have all experienced a Goddess and we have all had glimpses of it in our hearts and in the mirror. I would like to share with you the inner world of a Goddess and how to connect each day and be in your life with this incredible authentic connection.

(Excerpt from Colleen’s Next Book…Coming Soon!)

Taken from the OSHO ZEN teachings…

“Live in abundance, live in totality, live intensely- not at the minimum but at the maximum… overflowing. Your life should reach to others. Your blissfulness, your benediction, your ecstasy should not be contained within you like a seed. It should open like a flower and spread its fragrance to all. This is real compassion and this is real love…
Share your enlightenment; share your dance of the beyond.”

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Everyone desires peace… The Inner Workout™ is the bridge to take you from A to BE.

Colleen Hoffman Smith is a Toronto based author, facilitator and developer of The Inner Workout™ Program which she created as her emotional support system that transformed every aspect of her life. She has been sharing this powerful life practice for over 15 years empowering others to experience a life of unconditional love and peace that comes with emotional freedom.

She has inspired many to take care of their emotional body in a healthy way, so that they live their lives through an open and compassionate heart, connected to all that they are. This process helps you to BE the essence of love, peace, consciousness and oneness in the world; a purpose shared by her triplet sisters.

In addition to her books, audio programs and monthly e-newsletter, Colleen facilitates seminars and workshops worldwide and has trained a team of Inner Workout™ Coaches who can also provide one-on-one support.
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