Everybody can lead an extraordinary life. There is no
better timeto live your dreams. Knowledge is abundant. The World
WideWeb is filled up with billions of pages of information.
Libraries contain thousands of books on every topic possible
and you can attend seminars all around the world about many
different subjects. But to live an extraordinary life, you
need to focus and follow these 4 rules.

1. Find Your Passion.

You have unique talents and God-given gifts. Your job is to
discover them. Make a list of the things you always would
have liked to do but just never found the time to work on it.
What are your hobbies? Begin by studying something you're curious

This curiosity may turn into a passion. Once you've
discovered it, ask yourself the following question: "How can I
make a living out of it?" This is the exact strategy that
self-made millionaires and successful people followed. Finding,
following and living your passion will allow you to lead an
extraordinary life.

2. Create Your Vision.

Create a strategic plan by beginning to define and clarify
your vision. Defining your vision can take a month, clarifying
it can take several years. But the more your vision is accurate,
the more you will attract people, opportunities, and money
that will help you reach your vision. The clearer your vision is,
the more every part of you, as a human being, is involved: your
physical body, your emotions, your mind and your spirit. And this
becomes a heartfelt commitment and a creative excitement.

3. Learn the Power of Discipline.

Discipline is essential as well as hard work. Living a
balanced life is at the heart of successful people's teachings.
Discipline will let you become more focused on what's important
to realize your dreams and live an extraordinary life. Discipline
is a key factor for entrepreneurs. And you're one of them because
you decided to find your purpose and live your passion. Only
this way will you be able to reach you ultimate vision.

4. Live by Integrity.

In a survey of over 54,000 people, they identified the
essential qualities of an effective leader; and integrity was, by
far, the number one response. Your level of success in life will
directly be proportioned to your level of integrity. Theodore
Roosevelt said: "Character, in the long run, is the decisive
factor in the life of an individual and of nations alike."

Integrity is living an integrated life around your values
or principles.

Integrity is to take good care of your physical body, your
emotional intelligence, your mental health and your spirit.

When one is neglected, the others don't function as well
and you lose your character.

When you live your passion according to your unique given
talents and you create a vision of what you want out of life,
you're not far from realizing your dreams. But something is still

You need discipline to make every moment count so every
day can be one more day closer to your goal. Live by integrity in
all you do and success is assured. Soon you will see all the
doors of opportunities open before you.

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