How sad it is! I shall grow old, and horrid, and dreadful. But this picture will remain always young. It will never be older than this particular day of June. . . . If it was only the other way! If it was I who were to be always young, and the picture that were to grow old! For this--for this--I would give everything! Yes, there is nothing in the whole world I would not give!" "excerpt from The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde

And here begins the tale of a man's vanity and desire to never grow old and while he lives his life of debauchery, based on the fulfillment of the senses, and his hedonistic desires, the portrait reflects every sin upon his soul, the picture shows every wrinkle, crevice of his deeds, for as he uttered those words he made a pact with the devil, much like Faust did hundreds of years before.

This was written in 1890, the desire to stay youthful has been a human desire from the very first time someone looked upon their reflection in a pool of water and later in cut glass and finally mirrors that reflected the sagging skin, the turkey neck or wobbly arms.

The fountain of youth, the desire to stay young and beautiful, today we are a call away from an appointment with someone that can boost our lips, take away the crow's feet and lift anything on our bodies.

To feel and look as good as we can is an important element to our well being, however taken to drastic extremes only perpetuates our lack of self.

Are we really but a mere reflection in the mirror? Or are we not a reflection of our experiences, growth, wisdom gained through living, loving, losing and learning?

We are judged based on what we look like, that is a hard fact, and I have learned over the years that what truly emanates more than my blond hair and approachable smile is the energy that people see when they meet me.

If charisma could be bottled and sold rather than a nip and a tuck, I believe the bottle would benefit more than a cut from the scalpel.

Terri Giosia

Author's Bio: 

A Vivacious and vibrant speaker she possesses a passion and zest for life, a great sense of humor, is direct and down to earth which resonates instantly to others, allowing them to feel her energy and vitality instantly. Through her motivational speaking/Life Coaching organization, Teraluna Enterprises, she continues to seek out new and challenging endeavors. With over 15 years of public speaking experience, her high level of energy, enthusiasm and powerful messages have touched thousands of people! Combined with her charismatic style of delivery, she compels participants to make positive changes in their lives.