The second element is the element of water. This element comes second because we must know what we want and develop our commitment as well as our belief in having it first. The element of water represents our ability to strategize and plan how we intend on getting what we want. This is the realm of the scientist and knowledge, and understanding this realm will allow us to set proper goals and plans to acquire what we want.

The water element represents knowledge and strategy. We must have working knowledge about what we want and how to get it in order to be able to put together a plan that will allow us to get it. With that proper knowledge, we will be able to put together a plan and a strategy to get what we want. The water element represents your ability to pull back from a situation and see it for what it is, then move in to get it. Just like a wave in the ocean, we need to pull back and come crashing in with the proper force and energy. Your ability to pull back, see what is going on, recognize weaknesses and strengths in a situation, and then formulate a plan based on that is essential for your success. There is no need to beat a door down by trying to kick it in when the door is unlocked and all you have to do is turn the knob.

The water element also represents flow and timing. The ability to naturally fit into what is going on in a situation and recognize the proper timing for action is important. If right now is the correct moment to keep your mouth shut and say nothing about your goals, then you need to be able to recognize it. If right now is the correct time to be talking about it because the people you are with can help and will help, then right now is the correct time to be talking about it. It is much easier to flow with what is going on instead of trying to resist it. If you need to be taking action in a certain direction because the timing is good and you can fit into what is going on naturally, then now is the correct time. It is a valuable, but sometimes difficult skill to develop, but well worth the time. Incredible things have been created in history because of someones ability to recognize the perfect moment to take action and their ability to flow with that opportunity.

This is the realm of the cold, calculated individual. This can be both a positive and a negative. Sometimes pulling your emotions out of a situation is a good idea so that you are more able to see it for what it is. Other times, being cold and calculated can cause harm to other people around you. The other negative traits of this element are stagnation and paralysis of analysis. Often times people who are stuck in this element analys things much more than is needed. People get into a rut of trying to always figure out the perfect way to something, then they realize that the way they came up with might not be it so they try to create another plan, then another, then another. It is good to create a plan, but it is more important to start moving in any direction with a plan and adapt as one goes along.

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