There are five areas of personality and success that are very helpful in helping you to create the life of your dreams. These five areas and a good understanding of each will allow you to have anything, and anyone you desire, if you so choose. These are extremely powerful forces of creation and understanding, and when used properly, will create your life in any way you choose. Though they are simple in concept, they are not always easy to work on or understand. Though they are not always easy, they are extremely powerful and well worth the time and energy it takes to create balance and results in your life.

The five areas are labeled based upon natural elements in nature and what those natural elements represent. The five elements are earth, water, fire, wind, and void. Each represents certain aspects of our personality, our approach and view of the world, as well as strategies for getting what we want. The trick is to understand these different traits and to develop each of the five traits within yourself. Once you understand these traits and are able to open yourself up to them and utilize them on a regular basis, there is nothing you cannot have in this world.

Most people naturally fit into one or two of these traits. Due to upbringing and experiences in life, these are the elements that naturally fit our personality. One might ask why it is important to develop a balance between the five elements if we already come from one or two of them. The answer to that question is options. The more options you have, the more tools you have to work with. A carpenter doesn’t try to build a house with just a hammer. He uses saws, and screws, and nails, and screw drivers, and sockets, and nuts and bolts, and a ton of other tools. Our lives are no different and an understanding and application of these elements in our daily lives gives us more options to work with to get the results we want.

Sometimes we need to be flexible and adaptable, while other times we need to be strong and firm. Sometimes we need to be direct and commited while other times we need to flow with the punches. The element of void is really about this ability. Void is about your ability to shift from one element to the next and use it effectively for different situations. Void is also your ability to recognize which element will get the best results for this situation. This also works in the negative. Negative void is someone who holds many of the negative traits of each element and gets little to no results because of it. Each element represents different traits of character and personality as well as different strategies for accomplishing what we want to accomplish. Learning to use the correct aspects of each trait when working toward a goal is the key toward your success and the key for realizing the life of your dreams.

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