United States financial scene has become catastrophic since the fall of the Lehman Brothers. We all know that this financial-services firm serves as a catalysts for major world investments. As a financial institution regarded as one of the finest aids in terms of investment, Lehman Brothers succeeded to rest investments in the global market, where investors comes from different continents.

Last August 2007, Lehman Brothers terminated the operation of Suprime Holdings which eliminated 1,200 employees and has to pay an amount of $52-million in debt for tax and goodwill reduction. The astounding effect of these financial setbacks to Lehman Brothers puts an impediment to investors worldwide where billions of shares and stocks have to put on hold to balance its monetary ordeal. In the adversity of its bankruptcy widespread panic has become relatively involve to bank depositors and insurance holders in which Lehman Brothers slowly funneled their stocks.

In the event of this crisis United States was known to be once a financial power in the world, however once this financial holocausts drive though to syphoon monetary assets, the effects were more than global. In the event of bankruptcy Korean Development Bank was considering to buy Lehman Brothers but the negotiations was put on hold as the state controlled bank was unable to attract potential investors. Many considerations have been made but due to the magnitude of its financial set backs, the company resorted filing bankruptcy protection last September 15, 2008, which gave the struggling company more options to extricate vial forms to economize their remaining assets. This include selling the brokerage part of Lehman Brothers to Barclays Plc, although it has severely hurt the company's resources it will surely freeze its financial meltdown once the buy-out materialize.

It is totally unforeseen to look at the future of financial service providers like Lehman Brothers. Its bankruptcy has resulted to a global phenomenon where monetary issues revolves as an investment. Lehman Brothers was once a powerful financial empire, it has installed billions of investment domestic or international. The fallen company offers extensive financial services which expands worldwide, nevertheless the magnitude of its financial outcry condemned its stock holders to raise their capitals. It has caused breakdowns to their stock holders in which billions of dollars were lost to revive the ailing institution.

A country's wealth totally relies on its economics, once this part is severely scathed by financial breakdowns the effect is immense and can cripple its economy. Lehman Brothers was once a superior financial service provider but its fall globally fumbled its investments and continues to put them in great debt.

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