Everything that you will ever succeed at begins in the next moment. When you take the time to think about what you will do, you have already begun to tread the rising path toward enlightenment. Take each moment that comes as a gift. With every gift that you receive, you become more grateful. When you exist in this aura of gratitude and enlightenment you begin to perceive life in a whole different manner.

Every chance that you have to interact with another creature is a reason to be grateful. Whether it be a hawk soaring above you in a cloudless sky or your dog gently curling up around your feet as you sit, a flower in your yard that bloomed in the time it took for you to fix breakfast or your loving spouse, partner or child hugging you and sharing their love, you should be grateful for the lesson brought, the energy shared and the knowledge passed. To interact is to learn. When we stop learning, we begin dying.

Our souls chose the body that we inhabit for a reason. You and I are here for a purpose. Do you know what your purpose is? The quest for that somewhat elusive purpose is the holy grail for some people. It is a thing that they strive for but can never really grasp the essence of, and can therefore never find.

Therein lies one of the keys to discovering your own purpose. Once you can appreciate the “essence” of a thing, you can begin to manifest it into your life. Now in this modern age, what most people want most is that shiny new sports car or the twelve thousand square foot home on x-hundred acres of land. There is nothing wrong with wanting those things in your life, but they are more easily attained if you understand the essence of success.

The essence of owning that “thing” comes from gratitude. Don’t imagine the feel of the steering wheel under your hands (though that is a thrilling thought), don’t even imagine the luxury and opulence of the rolling acres of your new estate. Instead focus on the immense sense of gratitude that comes from knowing that in order for you to own those things, you have helped many, many people and that your success is a shared one. The opportunity that you have in each moment, the energy and potential contained in each and every moment, can ultimately lead to your success.

Once we begin to understand success from this or a similar perspective it makes the small choices that we make moment to moment all that much easier. When we cherish the very essence of life itself, whatever your essence may be, we are already successful. Follow your small choices to your big successes. Make each moment count knowing that the more people that you help along the way, the more people that you can assist in their own success, the fuller and more complete your own sense of gratitude and accomplishment will be.

Author's Bio: 

At 48 John realized that the gifts and abilities inherent in his life were best put to use helping others. His writing has grown from this realization both in spirit and in content.

Putting will aside in favor of intent, he began to convey that which he felt so passionately about.

His thoughtful and eloquent articles convey a rich understanding of the subject matter combined with a deep sensitivity for the needs and emotions of those he shares with.

Become familiar with John’s work and your own sense of self worth and personal well being may also be affected.

Personal development and the pursuit of one’s highest and best purpose permeate his topics, leaving the reader asking,”What choices will I make today that will make the difference in my tomorrows?”.