All life comes from one source. That source is the Divine

Source of energy. As energy flows from Divine Source matter is

created and manifested in form. Upon completion of form,

energy seeks its return to Divine Source. There is a continual

flow of energy from Divine Source to the manifested form (the

physical body) and back to Divine Source. The “Energy of Life”

is found in one’s spinal fluid. The vibrational level of the

spinal fluid is such that it emitts a blinding like light-

energy. Energetically the cranial and the sacrum are

connected. In this connection is found one’s

connection to Divine Source, the energetic rhythms and flow of

the body and in the sacrum the “receiving” and “holding” of

one’s DNA, genetics, generational, familial and one’s own

history and patterns. The sacrum holds for us our “spiritual”

DNA – the energetic patterns and rhythms that connect us to our

higher selves, our higher consciousness and to Divine Source.

The essences of the psychological and physiological

energies have their “meeting ground”in the area of the sacrum.

Everything that ever happens to one – past or present – is held

in the sacrum. When one finds themselves stuck in the same

repetitive, habituated habits or patterns that are reflected in

obtaining the same results over and over again, it is time to

take action and energetically release all the old patterns that

no longer serve one and that are "holding” one back from

achieving and living the creative, powerful and self-actualized

life that Divine intended for all to possess.

In releasing all of the negative and contracted energy in

the sacrum, the energy of the cranial is opened. This “opening”

of energy in the cranial allows for one’s thought processes and

thinking patterns to become positive, much stronger and more

expanded and connected to the pattern of cosmic consciousness –

from which all creativity and forward moving in life comes

from. One then develops their own "spiritual" DNA "patterns"

releasing other’s patterns that one has accepted as their “own”.

In reconnecting to Divine Source one achieves the life

of “being born rich” (Bob Proctor) – our inherent and natural

birthright. Then whatever we conceive in our mind we can have

in reality (Napoleon Hill).

Resource: Dr. R. Stone
Founder of Polarity
Polarity Therapy
Vols. I, II

Author's Bio: 

Sharon has 28 years experience as a mental health professional. She is currently CEO and President of Polarity by Sharon. Sharon believes that all can benefit from Polarity Therapy to create within onesself true health and wellness in their energetic bodies - thus raising one's vibrations and consciousness levels.

Sharon speaks on and teaches women globally on how opening up their Water Element can enable them to be and live self-empowered, expanded and goddess - like lives. Sharon is known as The Woman of Orange!