Twice in the last two weeks, I’ve come across information that says many people no longer want (or believe in) magic-bullet solutions. This will set many people free and keep others trapped.

There’s lots of terrific information available that does help you to shift beliefs and patterns. The techniques amp up your energy . . . until that day you feel frustrated because you’ve moved forward in some measure and then your momentum seems to come to a full-stop. What happened?

I say it’s a lack of proven, trusted, easy-to-use methods you use over and over again, even daily, that direct you at the inner and outer levels, that open you to inspired ideas and opportunities that you take action on (and experience positive results), and a realistic plan you create for yourself based on your desires and then follow and tweak as needed.

A few days ago, someone in search of a magic bullet emailed me. He mentioned many books and programs he’s gone through (excellent ones, and I’m sure there are many more he didn’t mention). He asked questions, which I responded to. We had several exchanges; and each time he responded it was quite clear he’s looking for a magic-bullet solution and believes life shifts from the outside in. Anything I’ve offered has fallen on “deaf” ears because he’s locked into there being one thing someone can tell him that will change how he experiences life. It’s a case of not seeing the forest for the trees. I’m holding the intention that when he’s ready, this will shift for him. Our exchanges certainly were a gift for me.

When you feel discomfort in any area of your life because you don’t feel fully aligned at the inner level with what you desire at the outer, it can feel painful and frustrating. Though, the pain and frustration often come from wanting the outer to shift so you can feel what you desire at the inner. There’s nothing wrong with you if you do this; you, like most, were taught to operate in reverse.

It’s understandable that you want such feelings to stop as quickly as possible. Maybe you’ve also hoped that a book or program would help you flip a switch hidden from your view so that a situation you found yourself in would improve.

The desire for increase and expansion in every area of your life is a natural one to feel. It’s healthy. It’s what motivates you to create a life you love and discover and become passionate about how you add value, what’s unique about you, to the bigger picture.

Moving forward in this way is like getting physically fit. You don’t eat one healthy meal or spend one hour exercising with the belief that this is all you need to do. You know that these are actions you take consistently to not only achieve your desired outcomes, but to continue to increase results.

If you let go of wishing there’s a one-stop way to shift your life and embrace inner and outer actions that you follow and use daily, this pattern becomes one you not only enjoy, but become adamant about. Any time you start something new, you will have those days when you feel like not doing what will create results or it may feel like it’s too much work. Whenever you use proven methods such as those I refer to and share with clients, you actually save time and energy. You leverage your energy and time.

Once you start seeing positive evidences (real results), your energy, enthusiasm, commitment, and passion literally pulsate inside you. Then, the extra benefit shows up: others feel this energy coming from you and they want to engage with you in opportunities and ways you once only dreamed might one day be yours.

If you’re ready to let go of any magic-bullet beliefs and embrace effective methods, you’re ready to set yourself free to not just live, but soar.

I wish you a wonderful day and a day filled with wonders.

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