"A growing body of evidence indicates that virtually every ill that can befall the body - from acne to arthritis, headaches to heart disease, cold sores to cancer - is influenced, for better or worse, by our emotions" Emrika Padus, Prevention Magazine

We can see the effects of "negative" emotions on our bodies in countless ways: damaged immunity, impeded digestion, increased risk of heart disease, sleep disturbances, high blood pressure, water retention, anxiety, depression, reduced sexual function, lowered pain thresholds, etc. Emotions can also assist in holding onto pain and existing disease processes and can impede a successful wellness plan.

Every thought has a physical effect on your cells. Chemical reactions are produced throughout the body by thoughts, emotions and interactions with others. Emotional pain can cause physical pain. Just think about the meaning of "you're breaking my heart" or "he's a pain in the neck." If negative emotions are allowed to persist, they can create energy imbalances seen in the meridians and other energy systems that make up the entire body. When energy systems are not in harmony with each other, your body's life flow starts to choke, resulting in cellular damage (disease).

The subconscious mind takes orders from the conscious mind and does what it can to follow these orders. When you continuously talk about your aches and pains or not feeling good, more energy is given to those complaints to reinforce them.

Another important factor to consider is deeply buried negative feelings. While buried, they create and will continue to create negative blockages that lead to disease processes until they are released. Repressed traumas, paired with tremendous emotion, can actually store themselves in a part of the body.

Belief systems also have a very powerful influence on wellness and can easily create or destroy.

Healing the emotions must go hand-in-hand with healing the physical. Even if the physical is successfully "treated" and the symptoms disappear, there can be recurring problems if nothing is addressed on an emotional level.

There's a lot of talking and a lot of drugging in traditional emotional therapies. Be aware of therapies that are only band-aids for symptoms. These therapies are not directed towards the original root causes of distress and may only partially or temporarily eliminate underlying problems. You want to access and correct the emotional influences that lead to body system imbalances.

There are many alternatives for emotional healing, and following are some therapies that I use in my practice:

* Emotional Freedom Technique (“tap” out fears and negative emotions – “psychological acupressure”)
* Be Set Free Fast (clean the subconscious slate to erase effects of negative beliefs and self-talk)
* Shock Release (release stored trauma held in the physical body)
* Feelings Buried Alive (lessen negative emotions’ charge through brain hemisphere integration)
* Perelandra Flower Essences (support and integrate emotional shifts)
* Meridian Balancing (clear and jump start the body's energy highways)
* Chakra Cleansing and Chakra Oils (cleanse and strengthen the body’s energy hubs)
* Energy Medicine (release blockages in all the body's energy systems)

I find that it is best to integrate several, if not all, of these therapies into a personalized program created using kinesiology (muscle testing). In cases where nutritional supplementation is needed, vitamins, herbs, glandulars and/or amino acids may be integrated into a program. From personal experience, I find that supplemental support is rarely needed because the body is so responsive to emotional and energetic therapies.

The "mind of the body" is very knowledgable and powerful, and because of this, the conscious mind does not always have to be aware of the healing and changes that are taking place. It is possible to cut out years of drawn out therapy procedures and pills!

Author's Bio: 

Daphne is from Albuquerque, NM and is a Certified Advanced Wholistic Kinesiologist, Certified Reiki Master (Usui & Seichim lineages), Certified Master of Magnified Healing and an Intuitive Healer. She works with all types of body system imbalances and specializes in emotional and spiritual crises. By removing blockages and raising the vibrational level of the body, a person is open to manifesting good health and happiness! Phone: 505-363-3152 Website: http://www.wbwellness.com