Mainstream comments and thoughts make it easy to think of the economy as something separate from individuals and communities, which is not true. Here are a few ideas about this.

My opinion is that the reason the economy appears as it does right now is because some forgot something basic: Many of us allowed ourselves to be led away from seeking and creating what wealth, success, and fulfillment is for each of us and focused on doing what will make others perceive that we have these, as though anyone’s opinion about us and our life experience but our own has more worth. This has encouraged greed and fear rather than community and personal empowerment.

We’ve been told we have to crush the competition; yet, there are many innovators who’ve discovered how to create win-win experiences with those who’d be considered the competition. And, both and others benefit. We’ve been told the economy is going to hell in a hand basket, yet there are those who are growing their business by offering even more value.

This time is an opportunity, a renaissance, to explore and create ways to uplift the whole rather than just focus on the one. If we do this, more people benefit. The more people in business who do this, the more everyone everywhere benefits.

There will be those who might never agree to a new model of doing business. We can’t concern ourselves with who won’t do what, only with what we can and will do to facilitate a shift upwards. I’d like to share a revision of a common prayer created by Rebecca Fine of Certain Way:
“Grant me the serenity to recognize the people I cannot change,
The courage to change the one I can,
And the wisdom to know that person is me.”

I recently heard Rebecca describe the business model for one of her businesses and it resonated with me. It so motivated me, I removed the fees on my Web site for one of my services, the one that will benefit people the most and the most people, and offered it in a unique way and with more than one option. Why?

Imagine independent business people or those starting up or wanting to, feeling empowered with confidence, vision, and next steps rather than afraid or confused. Imagine them knowing it’s not just about outer actions, but inner beliefs and vision, because everything starts as an idea. Add energy and action to an idea and you have a reality. Imagine someone doing something great and of great service because someone “let them in” and didn’t keep them out because of their finances. Yes, we admire those who overcome much and go on to do much; but there are those who would also do this if there was a way. Must we really make it harder for them?

Let me dispel any notion that by doing what I’ve done, I’m supporting the belief in less or lack; quite the contrary. I applied the fact that monetary systems are different around the world. What might be considered a fair, low fee for a service in the U.S. might be a weekly, monthly, or six-month income for some in other parts of the world. To a certain degree, the same perception exists in the U.S. at this time; and for some, it’s been their “reality” even longer.

We in the States have had a shake-up in the way we believe, think, get, and use money. Money is part of an energetic exchange, a value-for-value agreement. Trust has been misused, and many perceive their financial situations quite differently now than a year ago. Taking this into account, I realized I don’t wish to choose to limit anyone benefiting from receiving value from what I offer because of finances or beliefs about finances; that I’d create a way for them if they are truly committed to self-empowering their lives and businesses. “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.” I took this to heart.

When you offer something that has a fixed cost to create it, you need to charge a fixed cost for it. When you offer a service, you can agree on a fee or you can barter. And then, there’s the other model: put people on the honor system to decide how much value what you offer has for them and let them choose their fee. Are there any other models you can think of?

Obviously, each of the models presented here don’t work for all people or all of the time or for everything; but this is one of the greatest opportunities for innovators to get creative for the good of the whole, as well as themselves.

What are you willing or ready to do? What might the outcome(s) be? How will it feel to do something positive for the economy, remembering the economy is not a what, but a who?

Turn off the news and create something that serves others.

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