For many of us just having shorter daylight hours is enough to head us to the cookie jar! And... holidays presented opportunities to indulge in even more poor food choices. All with the support of our friends and family who wanted us to join in the fun!

Things I suggest to all my clients when faced with these challenges:

Breathe - several slow, deep breaths.
Allow your shoulders to drop.
Allow the rest of your muscles to relax

Try to do at least one 3-minute relaxation session per day. You can do it at your desk, while stopped at a traffic light, while waiting for something to cook for dinner. If a minute seems too long - Start with 30-seconds! You will find you feel so much better you will want to increase the time.

Yoga, meditation, walking - find whatever works for you!

The added oxygen in your body will help you to think more clearly, work more efficiently and the body will heal itself quicker.

When you allow your body and mind to take a break you are less likely to eat on auto pilot.

Drink enough water

When the organs of the body do not have enough water they take it from other places in the body.

When you feel thirsty you have waited too long to add water to your system.

It is never too late to start or to start over.

Another suggestion - Schedule a massage, Reiki session or another treatment to care for yourself. Remember . . . in order to take care of others, one must take care of ones self first.

Author's Bio: 

Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
Reiki Practitioner