"Since God is within me, I do not need any one to guide me to find God" Since God is within me, of what use do I have for a Guru?" The above constitute some of the commonest statements or misanthropic, pessimistic, distrustful, disdainful questions many people foster sarcastically when it comes to the words: Guru, Satguru, Living Spiritual Master, Sseruggulamiryango, Master of Wisdom, Savior, Redeemer, Omununuzi w'Emyoyo, Divine Spiritual Guardian or Soul-Liberator.

Of all areas, fields or subjects of human endeavor, the only one where the majority of humans do not see or find the need to have a teacher, guide, trainer, professor or master-mind is spirituality or mysticism. This is the area of God. It is true most people dislike the idea of a Spiritual Guide or Guardian or Trainer when it comes to matters related to the Divine Being or that which is called Salvation, soul-emancipation or liberation. They think they can be their own teachers, masters or saviors and redeemers. Yet, on the other hand, from birth to the grave, in all fields of life, humans have always needed the help of another to grow and develop from one stage to another.

Even as adults, humans need guides in form of teachers, drivers, pilots, doctors and leaders in the religious, cultural and social-political fields. They need grave diggers and morticians to take care of their physical bodies at death! However, when it comes to mysticism or spirituality we always deny, resist and dislike such assistence from any one. We clain we are our own gods because God is within us. As a baby God was within you. And so God was when you were a toddler, little boy or girl, teenager or as an adult; why did we need any help at all at any one stage in our life? Or, in any other field as you grew up? We should teach ourself to do each and every thing in life; direct our self to earn an elementary graduations certificate. Teach ourself through high school, college and university. Teach ourself driving and give ourself the driver's license. Treat our disaeses and carry our our own surgical operations when we need one. We should pilot our own planes since God is within us. We should produce your own baby without a spouse or a doctor since God is within you. Isn't it evident enough that in every area of life at any one stage in life, whereever we are, that we need someone to show us, direct us, assist us or offer guidance here and there?

When you ask the question - when did God start being within you?; was it at birth or before birth?; was it when you acquired a human birth or when you existed as soul or spirit? The truth is that God is within you as you which means that since before creation of the physical worlds, you as pure spirit have been in existence; which means since God multiplied ITSELF into spirit sparsks God has always been in you as you. The question then comes; if that is the case why is it that very few of us actually have ever seen God or have come to know God the sameway we see and know one another here? May be there is no such a thing as GOd! That is what some people come up with as their conclusion.

The dynamic of soul, spirit and God is like that of a water bubble. As long as the bubble is there, one does not see water or the air that forms part of the bubble. One sses the bubble. When the bubble bubbles out, the water that formed part of it returns to the water element and the air that formed its other part returns to the air element. The duration of the bubble is its life. Our duration as human souls is our lifespan. When it comes to and end we bubble out and people call it death. Death is but only the fact we bubbled out the five elements (earth, water, air fire and ether) back to where they each universally belong. The real life aspect of our life (which is the Spirit of God) bubbles back into invisibility which is the universal nature of God. This nature of God is divine consciousness - an All-knowing consciounsness; an omnipresent consciousness; an omnipotent consciousness. The good news is we are integral parts of this Divine Consciousness. It is only ironical we do not only comprehend this but we also have no technology (wisdom) of it. A technology we can consciously, at will, apply in order to be where we want to be instantly omnipresently and to be with God in divine union, at will, any time anyw where. Had we that wisdom, we would know that we need an adept at God-Conscious-ness, an expert in God-Wisdom who can redirect us to the dynamics of God consciousness. In that way, we attain self-mastery; which emans we consciously at will become God in our conscious right because we have then totally surrendered to the Divine Will with us as us.

If we knew anyting of (not about) God, none of us would ever be worried or fearful of disease, loss, death, or life after death. The mere fact that we fear and live in fear of the unknown (not to mention fear of death) is the fact we know nothing of who we are. We lack the understanding of what we are. Our predicament is like that of a baby who upon birth denies any mother-father or any adult help, saying that since it has all the properties of a human being within it, it needs not the help of any other human in order to grow and develop. That is what those who refuse the need for a Spiritual Guardian do when it comes to matters of spirituality. They are no different than that baby. This baby can look, can wink its eyes and it can urinate or move its arams and legs but still, it is a baby. Every human being who has not yet attained true self-realization and God-realiza-tion or God-Consciousness is a baby in the panorama of life. For this reason, all babies need some adult attention and care. In spirituality we all need a contemporary Soul-Doctor.

Without some adult assistance, some babies can live a day or two. Some can even endure up to four or seven days. However, without such care and attention, one sure thing remains: imminent death. Now, this is what happens to us when we deny the care and attention of some contemporary Divine Being (GOD) who assumes some separate human form/s in order to train us in the God Science. Wherever this contemporary Divine Being in form of a man or woman comes into this world as a Messiah, Redeemer, Soul-Doctor or Master-Guardian, IT comes for those of us who are ripe and ready for spiritual instruction during that era. IT bothers not about those who are not ripe; for, they are the babies who still reject any God care and attention. They will survive only for as long as they can physically endure the world's forces of nature; weather and climate- the environment and then die. It does not matter whether or not one survives for a few hours, a few days, some months or years, decades or centuries.

The dynamic here is that whoever dies without having attained the divine guidance from some contemprorary Divine Guardian or Soul-Liberator, a Mystic if you will, will have to re-embody (reincarnate) and start all over again. There is no visa to the worlds of permanent, everlasting beingness without having had a Spiritual Guardian or Instructor to show us who, why, how, where, and, when. As human souls we all have the passports we need but we have no visa until we encounter one whose Divine Plan it is to enamcipate us from the vicious cycle of births and deaths- that Living Spiritual Guardian.

The Natural Law of "As above so below and as below so above" should teach us here. As soul or spirit (which you are) God is within you as you; but you still need a Spiritual Instructor who knows the inner journey and who is prepared to be your tutor and companion both here in this world and in the worlds that lay beyond. He must be one who is a constant traveler or pilgrim of the inner invisible heavenly worlds and planes; who knows the pros and cons of the inner journey and who is no less than a God-Man Man-God of your time. It is called the paradox of God and God-Man or Man-God. The two are one and the same even though the man-God is so humble as not to abuse the God power that dwells in him/her while in the physical world.

The fact is that in every age there are some contemporary Divine Spiritual Instructors whose purpose for coming into earthlife as human beings is just to offer divine spiritual instruction, guidance, protection and company on the inner journey and it is their duty and prime responsibility to bring those they train in God-Science to the divine presence of God in Makanda -the permanent, infinite heavenly planes; the true origin of all souls. Whoever is presented to the Suprme Being while still living in the physical worlds the same becomes a perfected being. Such a one has attained God-Realization and is therefore the true Saint. This they must do even as their trainees still live and do their work in the material world. This is their divine purpose for coming into the lower dimansions.

Whether we believe in them or not it does not matter to them because they know for sure that it is but a question of time. The forces of nature and creation will tame us slowly until we shall come to the point of realization that we need some contemporary Mystic Liberator to give us the visa and train us in the ways of the Higher Dimensional Fields of infinite freedom.

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Bhuka Bijumiro-Jjumiro is a prolific writer on various spiritual fields including but not limited to mysticism, esoteric cultural anthropology, metaphysics and esoteric psychology. He writes for children too, especially on African spiritual mythology. His books are available at: www.zenithgoldpublishers.com