We are all born sinners. That means that we all owe God something in order to become whole. In the Old Testament He provided blessings by giving atonement for sins by the blood of an innocent, unblemished animal. This beast became the scapegoat so that they could be free to receive His blessings. Jesus came down from heaven to redeem you; to pay your sin debt once and for all. He became the scapegoat for your sins.

Jesus Christ died on the cross in order to forgive you and set you free. You in return are required to forgive those who have hurt you to set yourself free and open the door for the perpetrator to be set free. He paid the ultimate price that you couldn’t ever pay and then He lovingly accepted you as His child when you made Him Lord of your life. He doesn’t remember your sins once they are forgiven and He has set you free.

When you forgive someone, that doesn’t mean you pardon his/her sins. Only God can do that. The significance of forgiveness is putting His Word first and obeying Him. He forgave you while your sins were as scarlet before Him. Yet He loved you before you knew Him!

As long as you’re walking in unforgiveness, you are the one who is loaded down with a tremendous burden. This is compounded by your thoughts reminding you of the wrongs done, which in turn keeps the agony in the forefront of your mind. You’re not free! The opposite is true as it leads to stress, which upsets your immune system and cause illness.

Forgiveness is not a choice, nor does it depend on the amount of hurt inflicted on you. You owe the debt to Jesus, who did not only die for you to forgive you of your sins, but also for your enemy. To Him sin is sin; He took it all upon Himself on the cross.

Forgiveness of any and all offences is part of the debt that Jesus paid for you. Yes; it’s a debt. When you owe someone forgiveness it’s the same as if you owed him money.

“forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.” (Mat. 6: 12)

Remember the servant who was forgiven a huge debt and then turned around and refused to forgive debtors who owed him only tiny amounts? (Mat. 18: 23 – 35) He was punished and told that as he had been forgiven much, so he should have forgiven the debts owed him. He was given over to tormentors because of his lack of forgiveness!

Do you have tormentors haunting you because you have not forgiven someone? These come in various forms, most often through negative, defeatist thoughts that tell you repeatedly that you were right and “they” were wrong. So often “they” are circumstances in your childhood that you blame for your present condition.

At the communion table you are told to examine yourself and to make amends before you enter into a grace covenant with the Lord. If you have an unforgiving heart, you will not be blessed. Instead, you open the door to the devil to cause weakness, illness and lack. (1 Cor. 11: 17 – 30)

You have a High Priest who personally went through any and all torments imaginable. He conquered them all so that you can walk in victory. (Heb. 3: 17 –18) He does not want you to have any worries, but bring everything in prayer and thanksgiving to Him. Then His Peace will surround you. (Phil. 4: 6 –7)

Put your focus upon Him instead of the trials down here. You can do that by thinking of:

“whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report.” (Phil. 4: 8)

“And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

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