Galvanize, as in to arouse an awareness or action.

What if you could set up a meeting each day with someone who would help you keep your goals and dreams at the forefront of your mind? This appointment would help keep you and your goals a priority as you encounter real-life situations each day.

Now I bet you’re thinking I’m going to suggest that you hire a coach. Not a bad idea, but it’s not really feasible to have a coach meet with you, even over the phone, each day. So, who should conduct this meeting with you? Well, you of course.

Let me explain. In my weekly podcast, Personal Brilliance – Up Close and Practical, I interview experts and very successful people. I found one thing that most all of these brilliant people have in common and consider a linchpin of their success. They have an appointment with themselves every day. These are very busy people of course, but they make an investment each day to spend thirty minutes with themselves, to make sure they are on plan and to simply reflect and think. And, most importantly to avoid the impact of busy-ness. The busy-ness of life can easily sidetrack you, taking your attention away from your goals.

What happens in your Daily Appointment? I’m sure you’ve read about development techniques like visualization, meditation, relaxation, and the use of affirmations. These are all valid techniques. They all work, but only if they are customized to you.

The steps to complete your Daily Appointment:

Step 1 – Define your goals
Step 2 – Create your guiding statements
Step 3 – Create visualization prompts that allow you to experience various scenarios
Step 4 – In each daily appointment, review your guiding statements and visualize
Step 5 – Identify action items that result from this focused work

Active visualization is a very powerful tool. In order to change any area of your life, you simply MUST picture yourself as having already achieved the goal.

Here's the important point, and the reason goals are reached more easily for those who commit to positive visualization, while goals are not reached for those who don't.

Your subconscious mind DOES NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE between what you actually experience and what you picture yourself experiencing. It is ALWAYS working without your awareness to move you towards whichever picture becomes more dominant.

Whichever image (that is, current reality or a visualization of achievement) you give the most frequent attention to, or feel the deepest emotion for, will BECOME manifest in your life.

Here are some visualization tips you can employ:

• Choose a quiet time and place with little chance of interruption for your Daily Appointment.

• Practice visualization using all of your senses and see the action in color if possible. The more vivid, the better. Smell the cooking, hear the sizzle, feel the warmth. Use your senses to make it as real as you can.

• Use whatever props are necessary to bring the visualization to life. If you are visualizing your financial statement from a top brokerage firm, create a sample statement with the logo from their website to help with the clarity.

• Correct any shortcomings in your visualization. This is practice time. Practice a flawless performance. However, also practice your response to possible difficult situations that may arise. Visualize your strong, confident, positive reaction.

• Repetition is key. You will get better at visualization the more you practice.

There is no question that simply allocating time for a daily appointment with yourself each day will propel you forward and galvanize your actions in the direction that will meet your goals. But, can we make this even more powerful? I have some What if… questions for you:

• What if you could exponentially expand the productivity of your daily appointment?
• What if you could be intensely focused on your goals at least once each day?
• What if you could visualize yourself achieving those goals each and every day?
• What if this visualized success could be at the forefront of your mind each day?
• What if you were totally relaxed and receptive to the positive influence of your achievement during your daily appointment?
• What if you had a way to control your brain waves so your mind was totally receptive to the positive spin of your goals and desires, offsetting the negative daily input we are subjected to?

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