Kids are by nature curious. They are fascinated by everything and all is of interest. They want to touch and taste everything in their path. It doesn’t matter the color or size; they want to know more about their world!

In our infinite intelligence we teach youngsters limits as to what they can and cannot do. While in theory this makes sense and it is important to give direction to children, particularly when it comes to their safety, this learning process frequently inhibits the natural Curiosity of a Kid.

We tell them:

“Don’t do that!”
“Don’t touch that!”
“Don’t ask so many questions!”

Unconsciously, we limit one of the primary tools we all have to confront and overcome challenge. Life is not a problem to be resolved, rather a challenge to be enjoyed. One of the best ways to face what we commonly call problems is with The Curiosity of a Kid which allows us to generate a wide range of solutions.

Our experience teaches us “the best way to do something.” Unless someone or something shows us a better way to do it, we will continue doing the same. Similar actions will always produce similar results. If these results are what we desire, we are on our way and no change is necessary! If not, we can change what we do to achieve different results.

This same curiosity, with which we are all born and frequently lose as adults, can be the key to achieve that which we most desire. Looking for new ways of doing things implies a degree of risk. The same way a child takes risk whenever they reach out to touch something, we also take risk whenever we try to do something new.

The fear of taking risk and failing tends to be bigger than the reward. We are taught as youngsters to be “perfect.” A “good kid” is one who does as he or she is told and who remains within the boundaries set by society. While this behavior is useful to maintain order, it is not the best for finding new solutions!

It is common at this time of year to evaluate what we did last year and contemplate what we would like to accomplish in the coming year. This assessment often indicates we should begin to do something different or concentrate on a project which has been left in limbo. Generally, we all know what we should do though it’s not what we know rather what we do with what we know which is most important!

Maintaining The Curiosity of a Kid allows us to see the world as if for the first time. Looking for new solutions to common challenges opens the door to new horizons. When we stop doing what we have always done out of convenience, we create new roads which lead to new destinations. While taking the road less traveled implies bumping into unexpected obstacles from time to time, it also results in a life full of emotion and adventure rather than drudgery and discomfort.

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