May I ask you, what color is Jesus???

I have so many people who ask me for the truth in what color is Jesus. I love this question as I get to say back to them. And what color do you see? For if it is colors you are looking for then you do not know Jesus, for to him there is no color but change.

When we step out into the world we are seeing change, each new day bring changes all around you. You may have the same job you go to each day, do the same thing morning noon and night and yet there is change. There is change in the weather; there is change in the one who greets you. There is change in that which you hunger for. There is change each moment of our life in all that we do. Is it then what you notice that makes the change? Or is it the change that you notice?

When we seek the one to make us smile do you notice the change? Each day presents itself anew to your senses, your delights and each day presents its changes as if it is drawn in the colors of the heavens. Do you notice this change?

Do you notice when there is excitement in the air. A new child is born and there is change. A new day arrives and we are one more day of change in age, when do we notice this? Is it when we see the person young or old walking down the street ? Do we notice the one who can no longer walk or talk as before? Do you see the change of colors each new day as you look at the sky all around you? Do we notice change for just that moment and then go back to being blind of the changes all around us? When you meet someone who changes your life, how much of an impact is it to you to stop and notice the change that runs through you.

We have all been impacted by the changes globally around us, and what have you done to assist this change? Will we make changes for a better future or believe it is up to another to do so? When will we take the notice to bring about this change? When will we commit to bringing about change for no reason at all, but because we know it is what is needed?

Mother Earth changes with every blink of an eye, do you? Do you need assistance with that change or are you doing it on your own? We are here to make change; we are here to be that change. Look back upon your day and see all of the changes that you see and tell me what changes you?

Me? ……..God changed me, and then he sent me to the water with Jesus and Mary . And then I assisted myself to be that change. To be that which can bring about change, to see all of the world in Love. To be that which can make a difference in all that which is around me. For I AM the beginning and the end of change, it is all in how I view that change that can make the change.

For everyday is change and everyday is the color of Jesus. For Jesus is the color of Water, ever changing its beauty to the eye of the beholder!!!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele

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Adele Linsalata is an Internationally known Author of The Visionary Messenger, and A Guided Journal along with her amazing recorded Guided meditation CD's., Spiritual Radio Talk Show Host, Channel, Platform Mediumship and Angelic Producer. Adele is an internationally known Visionary Messenger, Metaphysical Teacher and as a gifted Clairvoyance Medium who works with what is known as a sixth sense working in the Spiritual Realms. Adele’s visionary insights and predictions will amaze you as she walks you through her world of the spiritual realms. Adele offers mediumship development classes, guided meditation CD’s, Lectures, Readings, Workshops and Seminars. Adele is available for speaking engagements and Seminars in your area on topics about Mediumship, Angels, Ancient Teachings and Spirituality. Adele conducts private workshops, seminars or classes with your group to teach psychic development and Mediumship.