There’s a big bowl of rocks in the middle of my kitchen table. I have collected these rocks from all over the world – beaches, mountains, parking lots – since I was a child. When I’m eating breakfast, I’ll often grab one to carry in my pocket or purse during the day. Each one has been perfectly crafted by the wind and rain, by time and God.

Most collections begin with an appreciation of beauty or by tapping into a particular passion. You can rely on your collections to ground you, cheer you and remind you of wonderful places and times in your life. My brother-in-law’s golf ball collection helps him recall favorite rounds and courses he’s played, while my friend Tracy feels comforted by her collection of angel figurines.

You know you’ve tapped into a personal passion when you love the treasure hunt as much as the collection itself. Every summer, my family spends a week at a beautiful lake home owned by family friends. My son and I can spend hours combing the shore there for special rocks. We get lost in time and delight in each distinctive rock we discover, creating a small pile of our favorites.

What could you collect to instantly make you feel good? What items are you always attracted to? Just think of all the possibilities: coins, beads, records, jewelry, antiques, stamps, decoys, crystals, hats, postcards, ornaments, shoes, movie posters, quotes, dolls, dried flowers, magnets, candles, seashells, wine bottles, feathers, charms or vintage cigar boxes. That’s just a handful of ideas to get you started; the possibilities are limitless.

The internet is a wonderful resource for collectors; in fact, the Pew Research Center says 83% of Americans have gone online to research information about their hobby and 29% do so daily. I recall a former colleague who collected rare dolls was so excited when hobbyist web sites began popping up on the internet, giving her incredible access to fellow collectors and dolls for sale. The internet has made collecting possible for virtually everyone.

But if your collection or hobby feels burdensome or boring, those are clear indications you’re trying to force it. The key is to collect something that brings you joy. If you already know what that is, start your treasure hunt today!

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Liv Lane inspires people worldwide to recognize and celebrate the beauty and blessings of everyday life through her company, Choosing Beauty™. A book based on her award-winning daily blog, One Year of Beauty, will be published next year by Fairview Press. Liv also co-hosts “Get Real,” a popular radio show devoted to helping listeners create their best lives; it can be heard weekly on FM107.1 in Minneapolis or as a podcast online.