The primary reason to why affirmations don't work, or only work to a certain extent, is that we are not receptive to them – Our debilitating emotions and disturbing thoughts simply stop them from working.

This is a paradox, because affirmations are very often used with the express purpose of eliminating negative feelings and disturbing thoughts so we can get what we long for. But they can't be used this way. Not effectively and never long-term. We all know that.

So the only solution to this problem is to first heal ourselves from negative feelings and disturbing thoughts.

How can we do this?

Well, we need to know that all our reactions to the different events that occur in our lives are, in essence, always based on who and what we believe we are – in other words, on our innermost self-image and sense of worth as a human being - or more simply stated – based on our self-esteem...

We need, in other words, to take care of our self-esteem so we can free ourselves from debilitating emotions and disturbing thoughts.

Once this is accomplished (we can all do this) affirmations will start to work in
a more effective and successful way.

And in many cases, we won’t even need affirmations anymore because positive self-esteem enables us to think through positive affirmations automatically – with no effort on our part – both on a conscious and subconscious level...

And here's where the magic starts. Here’s where the The Law of Attraction starts to work at its best and fullest potential.

We can finally attract the success, wealth, and the circumstances that bring us joy, free of limiting beliefs and disturbances in our mind, that limit our potential for happiness and success.

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Author's Bio: 

Julia Nestler is a Personal Self-improvement Trainer and Author of the breakthrough book: "How To Find The Secrets To Your Self-esteem."