There are a lot of people who believe that just because they belong to the majority, they are better than the other around them. What they do not realize is that their so-called superior stature is more because of their being born, or brought up, in a part of society that happens to be better endowed than others, and not by virtue of anything personally superior they may have achieved. Take the treatment of the Amish by a section of the majority. Long seen as curios in a world increasingly inclined towards modern benefits of science, they find themselves often mocked and even physically attacked for their beliefs.

While no one denies the right of the people of this world to live in the lap of luxury, it is perhaps unjust to target those who voluntarily give up things which do not suit their culture. After all, it is the birthright of every human being to live the way he wants. Why, then, are the Amish a target of attacks by the majority society? Why do we often hear of attacks by rowdy youth on the peaceful Amish youth going about his business quietly?

It is a fact of life that the weak and the minorities of this world are targeted by the majority, merely because they happen to be different. Why so? Put those same people in the shoes of the minority, or in a place where they do not have their social systems to back them, and more often than not they will meekly submit to whatever demands are made of them. The courage to stand up for what you believe is right is not very common, more so amongst those who take cover behind the mask of being the majority. It requires rare courage to be different, and yet find your way amongst the mass of humanity. The tendency to mock the weak or the underprivileged speaks volumes of the bully-like behavior of the person concerned. Such a person has never grown beyond his school days, when he would use his large size and low intelligence to mock those inferior to him in size and strength. Is it the inborn insecurity of this bully, then, that makes him want to try to show himself one-up on those who cannot retaliate?

While the bully is urgently in need of psychological counseling, the so-called weak minority draws its strength from this very mocking attitude to grow in stature and self-belief. Take the Amish. They quietly go about their work, not bothering about the scornful looks that come their way. The production of world class Amish furniture is a case in point. While the bullies get their cheap thrills out of mocking the meek, the more sophisticated ones decorate their homes with the finely crafted, best quality Amish made furniture. Thus the ultimate victory lies in the success of these hard working, simple people.

Still find it hard to believe what I am saying? Check out any good furniture store for the best quality of items they hold. Chances are, more often than not you will find yourself admiring the simplicity, the craftsmanship and the elegance of the Amish handcrafted furniture you have been presented for your appraisal. If such is the nature of the work quality of these simple, down-to-earth people who believe in pure hard work and little else, who is at fault? Who is the ultimate winner?

The bully, meanwhile, needs a bit of guidance on how to do better things in life.

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