I have this family member that no matter what is happening in his life, he complains. Whether he has a good day or a bad day, he lets everyone know how bad his life is, and it continues to be just as he says. He lets you know about every person in his life that has let him down. Everyone else is responsible for all his woes.

Being a Law of Attraction practitioner and instructor makes it a little uncomfortable to talk with him. No matter what you say to him, no matter how much you try to lean him toward thinking that life isn't so bad, he just gets frustrated and tells you how the world is going to end. He revels in blaming everyone else for what he calls "his rotten life".

Usually when we have a family get together, he is unable to make it. He blames it on his car, or on his boss, or on his wife. It's actually kind of a visualization joke with us. About a couple of weeks before we have a family event, we start visualizing a calm, serene, positive, and fun-filled family get together. We wonder if our certain family member will have gotten into a better space for the get together. We include our bemoaning family member in our visualizations but he doesn't show up. He can't stand to be around that many happy people.

I would love nothing more than to see him happy but I am not responsible for making him happy and I am not responsible for creating 'his' world. He
is responsible for making his own happiness and creating his own world.
There are a lot of people who blame others for the current state of their lives. How can someone else be responsible for another's life? (Unless of course it's a child/parent relationship)

It's a hard pill to swallow but if you have a bad day, you are the one who created that day. It's not necessarily intentional, but all the same, you do create it. It is usually created from past images and feelings that you previously put out and have returned as your 'now'. Take responsibility for your feelings and what you are focusing on and create each day, the kind of day that you would like to live for the rest of your life.

Take responsibility when you blame someone else in your life. Look at the situation and figure out why you are blaming someone for something in your life. Every action and every feeling that someone has toward you is a reflection of what you are or were feeling. You attracted this person or situation because of a feeling you were sending out to the Universe. When you start to play the blame game, you will attract more things to blame courtesy of the Law of Attraction. Take responsibility of your hard day and change it. Understand that changing your perception of others and loving yourself will attract more good things into your life.

It can be hard to believe that you somehow created your Aunt Suzy telling you that she saw your girlfriend with another man, and it can be hard not to blame Aunt Suzy or your girlfriend for your misery. But somewhere you were creating the vibrations that accompanied the scenario, whether it be that you were afraid of losing your girlfriend, or you weren't trusting her, or you just outright felt bad. But blaming the other players in this scenario will not help your circumstance. This will only bring you more to blame others for. Does this mean you have to ignore your pain when hurt by someone? No, just make sure that you stay away from the blaming and take responsibility for your life. Change it to a life that you are happy with.
There is only one person who is responsible for your happiness and that is the person you see every morning in the mirror.

When you take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings, you will attain all that you want through the Law of Attraction.

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Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site