I am a big believer in the theory of you get back what you put out. I think this especially holds true for volunteering for charitable causes.

Recently I was asked to speak at a large Society for Human Resource Management conference here in Colorado. The topic they asked me to address was how charitable endeavors can help your career. I was amazed at what surfaced for me.

As I started to recall all of my non-profit undertakings over the years it struck me how much it is the essence of who I am, one of the things I value most. It also hit home how many tangible things I had gained through my efforts. From life changing experiences, to friendships and business connections, the time I have spent giving back has come back to me in truly magical ways.

I told the group that most of the time I felt guilty when spending time on charitable causes. I always felt as if I gained more than I gave. The boomerang always seemed to come back stronger than when I sent it out. Have you ever felt this way?

I volunteered every Wednesday for over 11 years with the Pediatric Dialysis kids at University Hospital. As I started to recall this experience to the group I got choked up. The kids in the unit were mostly indigent and incredibly ill. Some were dropped off at the hospital by their parent (rarely were there two parents in the picture) never to be picked up. They became wards of the state. We laughed, we cried and we supported each other in ways that are hard to describe. Many did not make it. I was moved in miraculous ways every single Wednesday.

The gifts those children gave me- gifts of unselfish love, optimism and candor could not be replicated anywhere.

I remember Vicky whom I met at age 11 and later saw through her kidney transplant and ultimately her marriage. I received the first phone call she made after learning she was going to receive a new kidney. I was moved to tears. Words cannot describe the honor of being on the other end of that call. That’s when I knew my boomerang came back covered with love.

If you put yourself “out there” you will benefit in amazing ways. Throw the boomerang and see what comes back!

Carpe diem!

Author's Bio: 

As Founder and Managing Partner of the Boylston Group, a top leadership development firm, Drayton Boylston is an internationally respected Speaker, Author, Executive Coach, Teacher, and Mentor. He has demonstrated his innate leadership skills time and again having risen to the highest levels in corporate America, as well as in civic organizations.

Drayton has proven himself as a company President, as an entrepreneur running a high profile startup, and as a Vice President of a Fortune 100 firm, all before the age of 40. He has forged multi-million dollar joint ventures with leading Wall Street investment firms and successfully led two large national sales forces with sales in excess of $100MM.

He is a coach and confidant to chief executives throughout the world. Drayton’s enormous success stems from the fact that he has “been there, done that” and understands the challenges facing today’s leaders. His undisputed gift is turning theory into successful action.

His new book- Coming UnScrooged! A Contemporary Classic of Corporate Rescue and Redemption is already garnering high praise from many quarters.

Drayton has also established the Rescue Institute, LLC where the mission is to help 10 million people save themselves from the lives they’ve created!®

Most importantly, Drayton has learned how to live a balanced and fulfilling life... something most executives would give anything to enjoy.

He lives with his wife of 19 years and their two great kids at 8,000 up in the Rockies.