Drum roll please. And bounding out from behind the curtain smiling and bowing to the roaring applause appears our sales super star. The crowd is teaming with emotion putty in his paws.

Yes, if you didn’t go out searching for your dog if you ended up bringing home a dog you weren’t sure you even wanted and wouldn’t part with that dog for all the money in the world now -- you my friend are looking at one of the best sales pro’s around. All this time the secret’s to increased sales were right under your nose compliments of your furry friend. Now before you just laugh this off I want you to discover what you’re missing, and how you can use it to your favor.

Notice how Fido only has eyes for you? It makes you feel good doesn’t it? Your prospects want to feel important too. They want you to be completely focused on what they want, and committed to giving them exactly what they want. Unfortunately, you have this nasty little habit of: not exactly listening to what they’re telling you, talking about yourself and what you’re selling, and not really caring about the prospect enough to figure out exactly what they want and why.

When you enter the door after being away for the day Fido bounds out to greet you all tail wags and joyful sniffs. Just like you don’t like being ignored neither do your sales prospects and clients. That means if you just do what almost no one else does, and consistently keep in touch with them you’re actions are demonstrating your commitment to them and their needs.

Have you ever noticed when you’re really upset no matter the emotion you’re feeling, Fido let’s you do all the talking? It makes you feel good to share your thoughts with Fido get everything out, and it helps you to clarify your thoughts so you know what you want to do next. Guess what, your prospects and clients like to talk too and when they talk and you ask good questions you both win. They get what you have to offer and you get a new client!

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