There is one job in the world that pays a thousand times more than any other position. There is one thing you can do that will give you a bigger return on your investment than any other ten jobs combined. With the proper study and application of the skills necessary to do this job you will have the ability to build a financial empire that rivals any other empire on the planet. What is this job? The job that will pay you more than any other job in the world is the job of a true, powerful, driven leader. That's right, a leader. Our world has very few true leaders in it. There are more than enough who control things, but not enough leaders.

A leader is someone with vision. They know where they are going and know how to communicate that vision to other people. They are able to understand the needs of others and show other people how to get those needs fulfilled. They understand that every situation that is a good situation is always a win, win, win situation. They know the value of time, family, resources, and money, and they always set things up so that everyone involved gets the most that they can out of a situation. Most importantly, a leader knows where they are going and are driven to get there. They stay the course regardless of the obstacles that get in the way, and they always bring others along for the journey and allow those others to benefit as well.

Our society is made up of people who are in power or have control, but few of them are true leaders. To be an effective leader, you must learn to communicate very well and learn what motivates people. You also need to be able to communicate your vision and your goals to people and be able to recruit people who believe in yoru vision and are willing to give you time and energy to help move toward that vision. Leading people is not necessarily an easy job, but it is the best paid and possibly one of the most rewarding jobs out there. More importantly, you can create your own empire to lead if you so choose. If not, there are always CEO positions that pay millions a year, plus bonuses.

Andrew Carnagie was a brilliant man, and created the largest steel industry America had known in his day. He was often quoted as saying that he knew very little about steel. His true gift was his ability to surround himself with people who knew more about steel than he did, and his ability to lead them was what built his empire. One time in a factory in Pittsburg production had dropped well below an acceptable level. Did Carnagie start yelling and screaming and throwing a fit? Never! Carnagie was a master at understanding people, so he used his skills to bring production back up. After the first shift of the day had finished, he walked around asking each team how much they had produced for the day. When they gave him the number, he took a piece of chalk and wrote that number in a big circle on the floor. When the next shift came in, everyone asked what the number was for. He explained that it was how much the shift before them had produced. He did the same thing after that shift had ended. Of course each shift wasn't willing to let the shift before them out do them, and within a few days production had not only returned, but sailed above what it had been before.

Your ability to understand what motivates men and what traits they need to see in a leader will be a major defining factor in your over all success in life. Learning to realize what you want and having the ability and stability to chase after it with all you have as well as your ability to bring others on board who are smarter than you are about what you want to accomplish are all extremely important skills. The greatest men in history accomplished what they accomplished by the help of other men and their ability to lead those men. Take the time to understand what other people want and how to help them get it, and you will surely find what you are seeking on your own journey.

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