Chest congestion means that you can’t breathe comfortably – you may have emphysema, bronchitis, a cold, or flu – it’s when it’s difficult to breathe and you have an abundance of mucous in your lungs and your bronchial tubes are constricted. There is a litany of reasons for this and fortunately there are two natural chest congestion remedies that provide really quick relief.

In orthodox medicine, typically if you have a cough, doctors will suggest something to suppress the cough – “let’s stop that cough somehow.” We don’t do that in natural healing. We are working with the body and with nature, and if you are going to take that approach, you don’t want to suppress a cough. Instead, you want to cough out everything that you need to get rid of. That’s how natural chest congestion remedies work.

One night, I was flying back to Boston from LAX. I got on board the plane and it did not take but a few moments to notice there was a gentleman three rows ahead of me who probably had emphysema or bronchitis. He was hacking. He was coughing. He had an oxygen tank. He was suffering. Now I’d like to say I always carry chest congestion remedies with me in case I run into somebody like him and I just care so much about people that that is why I had them with me. But the truth is, I carry them for myself, in case I need them while I’m traveling and I wanted to sleep on the airplane and it was not going to happen with this guy hacking and coughing. So, I approached him.

I said, “Listen, I’m a doctor of natural medicine and I have a remedy for chest congestion that will help you cough up everything that you have going on in your lungs tonight and maybe it will help you to rest going to Boston. Let me tell you how it works.“ And I explained it to him.

The best natural chest congestion remedies are lobelia and fenugreek. I had both of them with me, combined into a single tincture. If you take a little bit of it, lobelia and fenugreek tincture is a bronchial dilator. It’ll help you breathe easier. If you take more, it’s also an expectorant. It helps to break up the mucous and get rid of it. If you take a lot of it, it will work as an emetic. You’ll vomit from this and I explained that you can vomit so strongly that you can get rid of everything mucous-wise from the lungs.

So he said he wanted to take the whole bottle and I said well let’s go to the back bathroom and you can take it right there. He did. He took 2 ounces of lobelia-fenugreek tincture and he experienced the bronchial dilation; he experienced the expectorant, and he also vomited. When he did that, he cleared his lungs completely.

Did he cure himself of emphysema or bronchitis? Absolutely not. What he did was to take care of the problem at hand. He got back to his seat and fell asleep all the way to Boston. So did I. That’s how lobelia and fenugreek, the best natural chest congestion remedies, can work.

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Dr. James Chappell is known for his work with chronic, severe and supposedly terminally-ill people. His website page, Lobelia and Fenugreek provides more details about chest congestion remedies. He posts up to date information about natural cures on his Dr. James Chappell Blog.