Many of us do not realize the amount of toxins we put in our bodies from pesticides, processed foods, sugars, nutrisweet, etc. These toxins can cause all sorts of medical problems such as constipation, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, and even cancer of the colon as well as other cancers and health risks. With cleansing of the colon, many of these poisonous toxins are flushed out of your system, thus reducing the risk of developing disease.

How is a colon cleanse achieved, you may ask? Colon cleansing pills can be bought at health stores or online which you only have to take a few times a day for a few weeks. You should also buy probiotics because colon cleansing flushes good bacteria out as well, and these probiotics restore the good bacteria. Before attemting this on your own, it is recommended that you see a licensed healthcare professional (preferably a holistic practitioner) to aid you in this journey if you have never done this before.

A colon cleanse is the most important cleanse to do out of all your organs because if you have a dirty colon with impacted fecal matter, this will create extra toxins which the other organs then have to continually detox. Even if you already developed a serious disease, doing this cleanse can seriously help combat this disease and heal the body. Add to that the number of benefits associated with a colon cleanse such as loss of weight (usually between 5-10 lbs.), increased energy and vitality, improved concentration, and better absorption of vitamins and minerals from foods, to name a few, and you can see the importance of doing this cleanse. Not to mention that you'll have a better overall feeling of health with a highly reduced risk of developing colon cancer. Also, adding colon hydrotherapy (colonics) into your healthy regimen will even further reduce this risk and promote better health.

It is also important that you watch your diet and exercise regularly, at least 3 days a week. Even something as simple as going for a brisk walk around your neighborhood for at least a half hour can be beneficial. Try to cut out or minimize foods such as processed sugar, aspartame (sugar substitutes), deep fried foods, foods with high fat content, and white flour, just as an example. If you have a sweet tooth, you can try adding organic sugars and/or sweeteners to your diet as they are much healthier for you than white sugar and aspartame. The more organic foods you eat, the better chances you are of being healthy. These foods are free of pesticides, preservatives, steroids and hormones in meat products, and various other chemicals. Doing a colon cleanse along with these modifications in your diet and regular exercise can help ensure your body and mind to become and/or remain healthy.

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