What if you could get rid of toxins that you've been inhaling and absorbing all your life? It doesn't take nearly as much time for cleansing to release your toxins as it did for them to build up.

Many people experience health problems such as fatigue, obesity,
indigestion and more because toxins have built up within them. In the case of weight gain, the body is attempting to stay alive by diluting the toxins and holding water. Almost everyone carries around 5-7 pounds of old, putrid feces in their colons. Getting the blockages out of the colon relieves the body of processing the poisons in generates and creates vitality!

At Tahoe Cleansing Retreats we provide a loving and often hilarious environment for you to do powerful work while your body takes a powerful step toward health. Cleansing is known as "Nature's Operating Table" and is the only way that the cells can let go of their poisons.

While the body is burdened with digestion and the absorption of nutrients, it cannot eliminate toxins. It is very important that
no solid food be eaten during your cleanse, although you will stay plenty stuffed on other things and may have as much of them as you like as often as you like. These include juices, fruit and vegetable, psyllium, clay, lemon juice and maple syrup, hot vegetable broth, green drinks and more.

What is valuable about taking a retreat while you do this is that cleansing puts you into a spiritual state of being. Your eyesight may improve, and you may feel more in touch with your Higher Power. It's a great time to spend being with yourself.

Knowing how much massage helps the cells let go of their toxins, we also provide daily lessons--an added benefit is that you leave with a new skill! We also encourage you to teach your friends how to do a cleanse, with us or at home.

We keep our pricing reasonable so that everyone will be able to afford to come and heal with us. Our price includes everything you'll need to do you cleanse as well as accomodations. Our process lasts 6 days. So you can come to Tahoe, cleanse, then go play for another week and feel fantastic on your vacation!

If you can't afford to take time off, we offer a less expensive coaching program that provides everything you'll need for your cleanse.

Author's Bio: 

Gwendalyn Gilliam has been cleansing since the age of 18. She's the author of the upcoming Cleanse and Grow Sassy, as well as two other books. She has taught firewalking nationwide, built a healing center with her own hands, and taught massage with an average 91% success rate for students getting their own businesses. She also offers righteous real estate investments. She's a grandmother, a performance artist and healer.