To be precise, exacting and clear, let us together explore the symphony of the healthy human body. As music could not exist without the ears to hear, the body will begin to retreat to non-existence without the proper playing of the notes of wellness. Can you name a necessary counterpoint to the movement of the physical body that when exercised creates optimal growth in response to the resistance? That’s right…exercise!

At the onset of such a journey of exploration, one must proactively and joyfully chart a course and prepare the tools and resources to insure one will achieve the desired destination. Since we will undertake this adventure together I will prepare our list.

We will bring: A Map. We must have a picture of where we want to be. For our physical benefit and the reason for this journey we should have a clear idea of the body we would like to inhabit. For this map let us cut out pictures from magazines, take photos with our minds of the ideal figure that we wish to embody. This map is necessary for two reasons: one, we will know we have arrived if we have a clear picture of the goal, and having a map reminds us of the journey we are on.

Next we need some tools. You have many at your disposal. So many in fact that you really do not need to bring them all…you are well equipped, loved and supported. The tools you will need are light and always you are happy when you are using them. Happiness is the light, the sustenance, the path, and the clarity of vision along the journey. Happiness is the skip in the step on the elliptical machine of life!

We are ready to begin. We have all we need to realize successful co-creative relationships grounded in health and wellness. To recap: We have a map and goals clear in our mind and happiness to guide, support and remind us that we are on an important journey. This is no less than the most valuable task you will ever undertake. This is the journey of your becoming and nothing can prevent your free will from making this dream a reality.

You are loved and supported on your path to clarity, joy and abundance. Let your inner guidance radiate. Worry not about your partners along the way. Always you will meet those who will support you in this co-creative journey. You are here to teach less with your words and more with your clarity, happiness and the detailed map of your future accomplishments.

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Shawn Duyette is a martial artist of ten years. He has been trained in several energy healing modalites including reiki, quantum touch, and Native American energy healing. Shawn is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and massage therapist. He has been trained in herbology and Chinese medicine (acupuncture, shiatsu, tui-na bodywork) and is currently on sabbatical from medical school.

Shawn is a life long meditator who began meditating at a very young age sitting for hours in the woods of his suburban childhood home in the northeastern United States.

Shawn enjoys writing poetry and has been published as a poet with some of his works found at Currently he is blogging for and he is working on his first book which is aimed at sharing metaphysical principles with children.