Delegation is a skill often neglected by the soloist. You work alone … who would you delegate too? You have to do it all yourself … right? Wrong!

When you try to “do it all” there is a tendency to think this means “do it all – by yourself!” which inevitably leads to stress, burn-out and the odd tantrum. Delegation allows you to “do it all” without the need for tantrums!

As a soloist there are plenty of other resources and businesses for you to delegate to. If you delegate well you will be able to achieve more than ever with no increase in your own personal demands.


Lose the Ego
Where did we ever get the idea that we have to do everything?
When did we decide that nobody else is as capable as us?
Yes – you are wonderful! But so are a lot of people so lose the ego and let some other wonderful people lend a hand.

Choose Wisely
What skill set will someone need to do the delegated task well? Who do you already know with that skill set? Write down three people you know that are a match to the skill set.
Remember – you want someone to do a really good job for you so choose wisely.

Give permission to say “NO”
Many of my clients say to me “I feel bad asking people to help. Everyone else is busy too”.
When you ask someone to take on a task for you let them know it is OK to say “no”. If the person is too busy already then they won’t feel awkward in declining your request.
This is another reason I asked you to list 3 potential people to delegate to – the first person might say “no”
If someone says “no” be sure not to look cross, or sound disappointed. Remember – you told them it was OK so say know so you need to behave like it is OK.

Be Clear in your Request
This sounds simple but for many it is not as easy as it sounds. Take the time to clarify exactly what you need before approaching someone.
You might know exactly what needs doing but you still need to communicate it. Don’t assume the person taking on the task has the same knowledge as you. Make sure you create an opportunity for questions to be asked.

Make it easy to say “YES”
The easier it is to say “yes” the more likely it is that someone will say “yes’!
• Keep the request simple
• Be clear about what you are asking
• Outline why the task might be appealing to accept. Perhaps it will extend their experience, or allow them to meet new people; or raise their profile.

Be clear about Expectations
If you articulate your expectations clearly you minimise the chance of problems occurring.

Accept a different Outcome
If you ask someone else to do a job you must accept that they will not do it exactly the same way you would. This means the outcome may be slightly different but that is OK. The result may even be better because the task was done a different way.
Everybody works differently. If you delegate you must allow each person involved to operate in a way that uses their personal strengths and attributes …not yours.

Let Go!
Once you have delegated you need to step back and let go! Nobody likes to be micro managed.
Remember – you chose wisely and have someone with great skills taking care of the task. As long as they know where to go if they have a question or need help your job is now to get on with other great things.

Give Gratitude
Remember to thank them for their work and tell them how it has made a difference to you. Not only will it make them feel respected and recognised but it also means they are more likely to help again in the future.
A little gratitude will go a very long way!

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Linda Anderson is a Certified Professional Coach dedicated to helping people live bold and rewarding lives. Linda has an energetic and direct style of coaching which suits people who like to be challenged. She currently works with clients in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines,
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