Light is the pure energy of creation. Light is the essence of Spirit and in Alchemy it is the beginning of all manifestation. Everything that is created evolves into a new form or manifestation over time. This is a natural process. It is the process of our Alchemical evolution toward light.

Alchemy is a deep aspect of metaphysical teachings and we must remember it is an art, not an exact science. Alchemy is the art of intentionally raising the rate of our vibration..
The process of Alchemy is said to change what is to something else, or to create something from nothing. The inner, Spiritual and mental process of change through Alchemy is called Transformation. The physical process of change through Alchemy is called Transmutation. How it happens is called the “Great Mystery.”

All those who have achieved enlightenment in their lifetimes have done so through the Alchemy of Light. Even though we call it a mystery, it is very simple! Increase the level of light and vibration in the body and the result will be higher consciousness and everything we call Spiritual evolution.

Let me quote Rosinus, an enlightened teacher: “The object of your desire is the one thing out of which all things are made.”

Ask yourself, what is your desire? Whatever you might wish for the quality behind your desire is light and transformation. The result of Alchemical practices allows us to express types of consciousness and accept influxes of light which are not possible for the average person.

To begin to work with the alchemy only general knowledge is necessary. (We don’t have to know how the computer works to use it). Alchemy is usually considered magic because no one can explain HOW it works! Intending to evolve is the very process of starting to evolve. As you do more, the transformation accelerates.

The important thing is to begin to practice with Light for yourself! Here is one of my favorite Alchemical 30 minute meditation exercises:

Breathe slowly and deeply as your focus on your third eye chakra located between your eyebrows. Hold total focus on this chakra for 10 minutes. If your attention wanders, bring it back. Next put your focus on the crown chakra at the top of your head, and hold for 10 minutes. Continue to breathe slowly and deeply for the next 10 minutes, imagine you are drawing energy and pure light down into the crown chakra at the top of your head. With each in breath pull the energy down into your body and imagine that you are filling your body with light. Bring the energy down to your feet. Next, continue to breathe slowly and deeply and bring energy up from the earth. Begin with your feet and fill your body entire with the Earth energy. Next, begin to circulate the energy you have built in your body, sending it through your body. Run energy up the left and down the right or up the front and down the back. Circulate Light Energy through your body! You may safely run energy for 30 – 60 minutes. The more you do this exercise, the more Alchemical light your body will hold. The Alchemy of Light will evolve you in amazing ways!

Author's Bio: 

Laurie is the CEO/ President of Triolite, a seminar company specializing in Consciousness and Etheric Healing Training programs. Laurie has been studying Metaphysics for most of her life, and apprenticed with a Native American Medicine Man, Dr. Bob for 7 years. Laurie is an internationally known teacher, healer, and professional astrologer.