Ever wonder what the Akashic Records really are? Many of us have heard the name described as the library of wisdom. We have images of a repository of catalogued events and futures waiting to be accessed. We imagine that if we could just access this information, then we would know more about our personal life, our path and the possible future of our world.

I knew intuitively that the Akashic Records was more than a library system. It seemed too simple, too childlike of an idea. I tried to find specific information that would help me understand it. All the information and writings seemed too vague. As a born channel and psychic, I have always had access to greater information. I knew there had to be more to the Akashic Records and I deeply wanted to know.

As a spiritual teacher and author I know that when I access the brilliance of the universe and connect with the clearest information, I grow spiritually and I help others do the same. People have dipped into the Akashic for personal information. They have touched their own records or have done so on behalf of others. Yet, there was more to my quest. I was not looking for references to my own life. I was not looking for the future of our planet. I wanted to know about the Akashic itself. I wanted to know about the system, its workings and its purpose. Curiosity alone was not enough to help me gain access to the true nature of the Akashic. I had to tap into the fullness of the Akashic and its soul purpose, before I could access what it was and what it really did.

It was in this context that I encountered the collective of the Akashic Records. I asked them if they were willing to share their lives and purpose with me. To my joy, they agreed. To the best of their ability to explain who they are and what they do, they would be happy to share this with me. We understood that as a human, living in a physical world, the analogies and descriptions would be limited to my speaking English, having a body and experiencing life on this planet in the context of time. That is not their experience at all. They are timeless beings, without a corporeal body. They have the capacity of knowing everything at once. For a human, that experience would be overload. Yet, true to their essence, their explanations are illuminating, clear and empowering.

The Akashic Records are a vast system of organized energy that imparts the wisdom of the ages. Some may think of the Records as a library, which holds vast amounts of information about individual lives, but it is so much more. It is a rich, ever changing consciousness which delights in the unique universal expressions of awareness.

The Akashic Records holds the full spectrum of wisdom. True to the nature of the universe and Divine essence, the Akashic is alive and conscious. The beings who hold this wisdom call themselves the Collective Keepers of Divine Expression. These beings are fully awareized consciousness. They know themselves as distinct and yet enmeshed with the system they created, just as a librarian may intimately know all of the books in her care and know that she is the caretaker.

The Collective Keepers joyously gather, access and hold all occurrences, events, discoveries and experiences in their embrace and guardianship. Everything that has taken place, whether in thought or deed, is held within their care. More than a repository of data, it is a living library, a conscious, flowing system of all that has happened and been experienced throughout time.

As timeless beings, past, present and future are points of attention for them. When we contact the Akashic for future events, it is understood that this future is only 'yet to occur' in our lives. To the Akashic, the choices and paths that we take have natural unfolding patterns that can easily be seen. They can see certain paths of inevitability based on our individual purpose or inclination and they can also see the opportunities for choice which may lead to distinctly other experiences. For us, it unfolds in time -- in past, present and future. For the Akashic it happens at once and the timelines are a loose collection of experiences.

As I spoke with and viewed the holographic system they share, I was amazed. Initially it looked random, as though each event or thought overlapped and turned into a completely different system. Yet, as they taught me how to follow the threads of wisdom, I could see the interrelationship of people, places, events and systems feeding off of each other, merging together, impelling each other forward in exploration. Without the confines of time, distance and physicality, experiences from distant star systems can link with ours. One person's wisdom and understanding can be gleaned from another's who is many light years away in distance or many millions of years away in time. It is a marvel.

The Collective Keepers honor and delight in their work. They view the events of universal evolution as a sacred trust. To hold the wisdom of all beings and all ages is a great honor for them and also an eternally fascinating experience. Each being, each civilization, each thought is held in the system they created to collect Divine wisdom and experience. They can see the connections among different lines of thought. They know the reasons certain beings and civilizations are impelled to follow certain courses. They can see the ingenuity, the creativity and the passion of beings in countless experiences of life. They are fascinated by the endless variations and similarities of consciousness and they collect these experiences in a cohesive alignment for all of time.

Each life, each exploration, each occurrence is carefully held in trust for all conscious intelligence. Every event, its purpose, the decisions that created it, the lessons learned from it and its all pervasive ramifications are held in the Akashic Records. For example, your decision to go to college and study a particular discipline is held in the Akashic. This imprinted decision includes every interconnection that you made leading up to that decision, all of the people, events and thoughts that lead you to those decisions and the influence that this decision had and has on your future, the future of humanity and the cosmic whole. It is all held within their care. This is done for every being. This is also done for every discovery, every invention, and every occurrence. A meteor hitting a distant planet and every reverberation of that event is held in the Akashic. If that meteoric event dispersed cosmic dust into another planetary system which shifted the growth of certain life forms, which changed the timelines of certain other events in another system, this too would be noted and held.

In truth, the vastness of their system is beyond what we can hold. It is too big for us to contain. It is too big for most beings to contain. That is exactly why they hold it all. They hold it in sacred trust for each evolving being to access what they can in order to receive greater wisdom and experience of the Divine and their Divine nature.

Knowing that all of this information and experience is available, naturally we want to know how to access it. This is where our participation with the Akashic begins. We can access certain information and wisdom from the Akashic. Their system is designed for it. It is part of their joy, when we touch the wisdom, receive it and learn from it. They delight in our contact, especially when we have a clear sense and intention for receiving the information. The brilliance of their system is that we can only access what it appropriate for us. The system the Collective Keepers created will impart information to those who resonate clearly with what they seek and have the full capacity to work with that information. Whether you are seeking personal or planetary information, whether you are seeking information about your future or the future of our planet, whether you are looking the cure for cancer or a new process for growing food and feeding our world, you can only access what is appropriate for you.

The brilliance of their system is that we can only access what it appropriate for us to know, hold, understand and use. That is often why we need to contact another for information about our personal records. It's not that we shouldn't have more clarity about our own life, it's that we may have a block or confusion in accessing it clearly or that the information may be confusing to us in its original format. Just in the same way that we may have the capacity to learn mathematics, yet we need a good teacher to explain how it works and what to do with that skill, so too, we may need another to help us access our Akashic information to hear it, know it and use it well.

This same criteria for access, protects us. Just because you may want to know how atomic fusion works, does not mean that you will have access to that information. The Collective Keepers are infinitely aware of who can understand and use the vast wisdom within their care. This is not a moral judgment. It is a vibrational discernment as to whether the information can be understood and used. Free will and choice in the use of the information is highly respected. So, the development of atomic energy for healing or destruction is up to the choice of the individual and civilization. The future ramifications of those choices are already known, both in a likely future and in all possible and probable futures stemming from that one event.

The true marvel and brilliance of the Akashic Records is that they hold all of this information in blessed trust for each and all of us. Every time I dip into the vast wisdom in their care, whether it is to access information for a client in a reading or to understand the deeper levels of spiritual process for all of humanity, I am touched by their dedication and honor. I am equally moved by the joy and respect that the Collective Keepers have for each being, experience, event and thought. Their own wisdom, grace and clarity are a blessing to behold. Their openness to us is welcoming.

As I quote them in my book, "Akashic Records: Collective Keepers of Divine Expression,"
"Ask, and the answers will enlighten your path."

Author's Bio: 

Lumari is a spiritual teacher, channel, psychic and author. In her book “Akashic Records: Collective Keepers of Divine Expression,” Lumari, channels direct communication with the Akashic and reveals the great body of wisdom within their care. Her book, "Alawashka, Language of Creation," is a compelling exploration of humanity, universal healing and spiritual awakening. To learn more about Lumari's books, workshops and consultations, visit lumari.com.