I plan on doing the unthinkable in 2009. I am going to gain as much as I can and plan to steer clear of things and thoughts when it comes to losing.

I have been losing for years and where does it get me? Lose so much that you don’t even recognize yourself. Some days I have to glance at my driver’s license just to make sure I am really here!

Nope, in 2009, I plan on gaining a lot and I am not afraid to say it.

I plan on gaining while I am sleeping. I plan on gaining while driving the car; I plan on gaining while going to the movies, while sitting still and I plan on gaining while slipping on the ice.

Yes, I am going to gain so much that even I will have trouble seeing the old me.

So what will I gain this year? I think I need to pile on more of this to be more of me:

Eloquence by Moonlight
Grateful that I have a whole year to get through this list
Inquisitive little thing, isn’t she?
Jaundice…hmmm….maybe Joy
Lightheartedness has nada to do with a scale
Mellow and mildness
Naughty, but nice
Piss and Vinegar (which I hope is not a salad dressing also)
Steadfast even on those days that just drive you to the brink
Tenacious yet tender
Vexing but charming
Worldly wise with eyes wide open
Xray visionary
Zen like.

Care to join me?

Author's Bio: 

Elizabeth Cassidy started Branching Out Life Coaching with the belief that people shouldn’t let the economy stall their dreams. There are creative solutions for today’s challenges and it all starts with embracing change and not fear and tapping into your intuition.

As a client’s advocate, Elizabeth will be there to offer support, motivation and accountability along with chocolate when needed. Feeling empowered just got easier.