A stands for Attraction; more specifically the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that like energies attract each other. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. Therefore, if you are putting out negative energy you will therefore attract negative energy into your life. Likewise, if you are putting out positive energy you will attract positive energy into your life.

So the question is: What vibration are you sending out? If it is negative, how about experimenting with some new ways of managing your life to create more positive energy?

B stands for Boundaries; and that includes both the boundaries that you have with others and the boundaries you have with yourself. Saying "No" to something that is unacceptable is an example of a boundary, as is assertively and proactively asking for what you do want.

Your boundaries with yourself will determine how much balance you have in your life. Knowing where to end one part of your life (i.e.: Work) and begin another (i.e.: Family) will help you to stay in touch with your whole being and therefore create more balance, which, in turn, always results in a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Do you know your boundaries and are you living according to them?

C stand for Communication; specifically your ability to attain and maintain productive communication with others. Do you know how to avoid getting "hooked" by another's manipulative maneuvering? Do you speak up for yourself, express your feelings and make your requests directly? These are all examples of healthy communication skills.

But perhaps the biggest communication skill is that of listening. Do you know how to combine martial artistry with your listening ability and create a space of "Zen Listening" in which you can be unaffected by what another may say but still stay in the conversation?

D stands for Deal-makers and Deal-breakers; specifically your ability to know them and adhere to them. If you have not written your lists of deal-makers and deal-breakers, then you are potentially setting yourself up to settle for something or someone beneath your standards. When you settle for less you impact your self-esteem and distort your sense of reality.

The bottom-line is that living life without knowing or adhering to your deal-makers and deal-breakers sets you up for failure, depression, anxiety and addictive behavior. Now, you don't want any of that, right??!!

Write your Deal-makers and Deal-breakers lists TODAY!!

E stands for Emotional Management; specifically the management of the "slipperier" emotions. This would include anger, fear and sadness. Most of us have not had any training on how to deal with these so we have made up our own "rules" about these emotions. Many of these "rules" are very unrealistic and unhealthy.

The bottom-line is that you are an emotional being and you have every right to feel and express your feelings as long as you do no harm to others as you are expressing yourself.

Fear is perhaps THE most challenging emotion, but remember: You can have FEAR (Fictitious Events Appearing Real) or FEAR (Face Everything And Rejoice).

Which do you choose??

There you go: A whole new way of living your ABC's that you’ll never be too old for!!

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