Each member of the family may chose to pick one thing to do each day of the week OR you can use your own ABC’s. This changes your focus to bringing positive changes into your life. As a family, talk about the benefits, challenges and how these changes affect others. For example: Monday-attitude-on Mondays be aware of your attitude-is it positive or negative; how does it affect yourself and family? Is your attitude something you want to change? Tuesday-read-take a few minutes to read a new book, inspirational readings, etc. Wednesday-family time-make a special point of having everyone sit together and eat dinner or do something special on that night-play a game, take a walk together, etc.

A. Attitude, affirmations, awareness, accept yourself, appreciate, allow, action
B. breathe, believe, best you can be, begin
C. calm, creativity, compassion, commit, confidence, communication, change
D. discipline, diet, dance, dream journal
E. exercise, enjoy, energy work, encourage, embrace experience something new
F. faith, fun, forgiveness, family time, focus, friendship, flexibility
G. gratitude, gardening, goal setting, goodness
H. health, hobby, humor, happy thoughts, hugs
I. interests, imagery, intention, integrity
J. joy, journaling
K. knowledge, kindness to self, others
L. laughter, love, learn something new, listen, Let Go, live in the moment
M. meditation, minerals, massage, mindfullness, music, “ME-TIME”
N. naps, nutrition, nutrients, nature, nurture
O. oxygen, organic, open minded, organize
P. prayer, peaceful thoughts, positive, play, patience
Q. quiet time, quality decisions
R. rest, relaxation, read, respect, right thoughts, responsibility for actions
S. sleep, spa night, solitude, supplements, support, self-image
T. time management, trust, truth, transformation
U. utilize resources, understand
V. visualization, vitamins, variety
W. wellness, willingness to try new things, words, walk
X. extra of what makes you feel good
Y. you, your word, young at heart (be a child again)
Z. zzz’s, zest for life

Notice the transformations in your life and how others around you are affected. Journaling enhances the benefits.

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Author's Bio: 

Sue Heldenbrand is a native of Lafayette, La. She has been involved since 1998 with bio-field therapies and stress management techniques. She is certified in Healing Touch and Integrated Energy Therapy. She incorporates Quantum Touch, Reiki and Trauma Release into her private practice in Lafayette, La. Sue is available for in-house or remote sessions.

Presently she is an instructor for a ”Subtle body energetic” class and a “Care for self” class at a local massage college. She also develops programs and trains child care providers, introducing child care providers to energy work and the benefits to children as well as to themselves. She has provided presentations at a non-profit State Conference, Alzheimer's groups, Early Childhood Development Support Services, La. Spirit Outreach workers, Volunteers of America, collaborated with a local hospice and hospitals to provide workshops for caregivers as well as health fairs in the area. In the spirit of giving back to the community, she volunteers for Camp Bluebird providing relaxation sessions for cancer survivors, volunteers and staff. Sue also provides relaxation and stress reduction sessions with a Medical Clinic.

As a stress management facilitator with Volunteers of America, trauma release and relaxation therapy were used. This position followed 5 weeks volunteering in the relaxation room of the Cajun dome ARC Shelter in Lafayette, La. following hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The target population included 1st responders, FEMA, Red Cross, EMS, mental health workers and other medical personnel.
Training in an advanced Healing Touch technique for PTSD proved helpful for recovery personnel as they dealt with anxiety, confusion, sleeping disturbances, undiagnosed pain and other symptoms of acute stress disorder.

Her private clientele includes World War II and Iraqi war veterans, and other individuals reporting symptoms of stress from life-threatening illnesses, chronic pain, accidents, and the death of loved ones. As a volunteer working with cancer survivors and hospital personnel, Sue has assisted individuals dealing with the trauma of their illness.

When Sue started using energy based therapies, she was so excited to find something natural, cost effective (all you need are your hands) and beneficial for so many people. She enjoyed seeing changes in people after they have had sessions. Usually her classes start off with many students being skeptical, but once they start to feel the energy, the transformations begin. Working with child care providers has given her the opportunity to introduce totally new concepts that will enhance their job and the lives of the children that they care for. It is Sue’s desire to share this knowledge with others so that she can help facilitate their journey and spiritual growth.