I want to introduce you to a concept that will help you engage the Law of Attraction in a more tangible way. John Assaraf calls it "The Law of Gender" - I call it, "The Law of Seed and Harvest".

The law of seed and harvest is something that I have taught and embraced for many years, but within the context of current teachings about the Law of Attraction, I believe this concept has real value. There are certain elements of the law of seed and harvest that I believe you must understand and apply in order to get the results that you want.

First, you must understand and have a clear concept of WHAT YOU WANT TO GROW. If you want roses, you're not going to plant dandelions. Choose wisely, and focus your attention on the harvest you want to reap.

Second, you must apply what John Assaraf calls, "The Law of GOYA". This stands for "Get Off Your ____". The Bible tells the story of a sower and the story begins this way, "A sower went out to sow..." You actually have to get off your butt, and sow the seed. You will never reap a harvest if you don't do the work that is required first.

Third, You need to sow your seed on good ground. The biblical parable goes on to say that some seed fell on stony ground, on bad soil (weed infested), and some on good ground. Why not bypass the bad soil and focus your energy and attention on good ground? This is a topic that we could spend hours on, but for now, I just want you to think about what qualifies as good ground in your life or your business? Make a list. Now make another list of everywhere that you have been "sowing" - have you been using more of a scatter gun approach rather than focusing on your vision?

Fourth, You need to nurture the seeds you sow. Plants and crops require a certain kind of favourable environment in order to bring forth a good harvest - things like sunlight, rain or irrigation, fertilizer, and time. What can you do to cultivate the seeds you have planted?

Fifth, Remember that everything that grows has a cycle - a growing season if you will. Nothing - I repeat, NOTHING happens overnight. The other day a good friend to me said, "Wow, things are really happening for you - change is coming overnight!" My response to her was, "It's not really an overnight success story - It is more like a 10 year process - it is just that now, we are building momentum and change is happening more swiftly. In life and in business, you can find ways to shorten your growing season, or lengthen it as need arises; however, every growing thing has a natural growth cycle. Know your growing season, and work within it.

Last but not least, understand this: The more seed you sow, the greater your harvest will be. This in effect is the principle of working smarter, not harder. Sowing takes the same amount of effort if you sow 50 seeds or 150, or 1500. The degree of your success will relate directly to the amount of work you put in at the beginning, and what you do to cultivate the seeds during their cycle of growth.

What can you do to create an abundant harvest - the one you really want for your self, your family, or your business? Do me a favour, and write in. Let me know how this has helped you.

Author's Bio: 

An internationally recognized speaker, and published author, Julie Christiansen brings over 15 years experience in group and individual counseling to your boardroom. Branded as “Oprah for the Office” by her corporate clients, Julie educates and entertains audiences throughout Canada, and the United States, and the Caribbean. While she has been compared to the likes of Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield, Julie has an energetic, humourous, and insightful style that is all her own.