Progress can not be stopped. We evolve as human beings and so does our technology and knowledge base. We are no longer able to avoid the onslaught of improvements in our communications and how we relate to each other. Personal Development, Self Growth and Self Improvement are also experiencing a new era of development.

We have taken it upon ourselves to grow as fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. We are evolving in our business and our relationships. You can no longer step aside and believe that by doing the things that you have done will bring about a new result. Theology and Science are almost merged in the recognition of infinite intelligence

What we did in the past determines our current reality and what we do now determines our future. In this new awareness and recognition of that there is more to us than what we see and what we must change is approach to life. We can not go by the old standards anymore. If we do we will be going the wrong way on a one way street.

New formulas are showing up everywhere in the area of personal development. They do not change the fundamentals, but they may emphasize one piece more that the other. There are 5 C’s or ingredients to success that is clarity, certainty, commitment, creativity and coaching. This is necessary for success to even appear in our lives. Let me take you through an overview and I will also be writing a series to follow.


Clarity is the necessity to really be crystal clear about your visions and goals. It is seeing in the mind’s eye that which you want or desire. It can not be vague, no matter if it is a goal, purpose, target or objective. We have now realized that specificity is monumentally important. If have a reason to do something and it is not clear in your minds eye or your heart, then probability of it manifesting will be extremely low. Just as you look through a windshield of a car, if it is very dirty and you can not see the road in front of you, the probability for an accident is very high. In working with Universal Laws, clarity is King!


Certainty is where faith and belief meet and bond. In order to do anything in life you must be absolutely certain that you can achieve it. Normal thinking is usually where this goes awry. People generally think that the result is what gives you certainty, the reason you got results was because you were certain. If were uncertain about something you will not get results. You would be more apt to not do a thing better known as procrastination, if you could not see the results first.
That is also one of the main roadblocks to getting what you want, the uncertainty.


Success comes through commitment, that perseverance. Without persistence in a given course that commitment to get to the goal, you will certainly have problems in achievement. It is plain and simple resolve. Commitment whether to a relationship, career or your own happiness, will not bear fruit if you aren’t committed to doing the thing. Commitment should be that firm resolve, that no matter what I am getting to my goal. You will not be dissuaded, detour, or made to abandon that which you are striving for. It is rock solid and immobile; it is the “I will not be moved from my objective” attitude. Napoleon Bonaparte’s attitude was “I only see the objective the obstacles must give way.” Commitment is important.


As spiritual beings in this physical body, we can do what most of nature can not do. We can creatively change how we look at things, how we react to things, and how we deal with things. We are all very creative. Don’t ever talk yourself into believing that you are not creative. That is so far from the truth, yet people do it all the time. They create the reality that they are not creative. Yet that is all we are, nothing but creative beings. Creativity came to us before we were born. The only reason someone doesn’t feel creativity is usually involved in paradigms. We are creative beings, we can send people to the moon, paint a pretty picture, write some beautiful stories and it is all because we are creative. In success of any kind creativity is a major tool for our success.


In the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, there is a chapter on The Power of the Mastermind, Mr. Hill goes over in extensive detail the importance of this alliance. You could go it alone, but why? It simply doesn’t make sense if you could have help to get to your goals and not take it. Being a Lone Ranger tends more for one to become a martyr or victim of themselves due to paradigms and usually is not successful. Hiring a Life Coach may be frightening, yet a good coach will get the best out of you. A life coach is concerned for your future and their goal is to keep you on track and going forward in life. Challenges that come up can be analyzed and plans can be made to overcome the obstacles in your path. The Life Coach is the one who is trained to see the paradigms that you are manifesting and hold you accountable to slay those dragons in your path.

There are the 5 C’s of success. A new era is evolving and with this change of the terrain, we need to find which one of the 5 C’s is missing and get them all in. They work together, they are cultivated separately. The New Era of Self Improvement and self growth is here. Reach for it, take it into you being and success will be just around the corner.

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