The Class:

How To Work 4 Minutes A Week And Make Enough Money To Live The
Lifestyle You Want.

The Purpose: (why take this class)

Work smart, create multiple streams of passive income, turn information into info-products, make a difference to people's lives by providing valuable information, make money by clicking a button once a month, best business model on the planet, 2000 + profit margins, 100% automated, zero expertise needed.

The Education:

The typical strategy to make money is to 'work'. The only problem with 'the work strategy' is you have to work. And the more successful you become at your work, the more work you have to do. And with all this work, you have no time to do the stuff you want to do...because, errrh, you're working.

If you want to work less and enjoy more, you might want to think about creating multiple streams of passive income. When you create a passive stream of income you make money while you sleep. That means you have the time freedom to do what you want when you want.

The silly thing is that passive income is easy and fun to create, and requires zero money to start.

The Action:

1) Start researching 'passive income' online
2) Create or buy a passive income stream
3) Repeat step 2 until the passive income generated gives you the lifestyle you're after (e.g. £300 a week)

Author's Bio: 

George Watts is the author of "AutoPilot Money Machines".
He has helped thousands of individuals through his workshops
and courses succeed in working 4 minutes a week. Visit his
site to find out how you can get a free consultation

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