Everyone one us, that attends the investors meetings or goes to seminars and trainings knows for sure, that this is the time to buy, to invest in real estate. Real Estate is Gold, and the price is down, buy as much Now!

As a real estate investor and educator, I can only encourage you to get out there and buy a house in the next 30 days!

In the process, in addition to the benefit of wealth creation, you will help stimulate our economy.

Take in consideration this scenario in Orlando, Florida where I reside: There are around 24,000 listings and about 12,000 real estate members of the association. If each of them (or ONE of us) bought one house in the next 30 days, here’s what would happen:

-Mortgage brokers, title companies, and other ancillary services would get a rush of new business

-With all of this new money, they will go buy things for their business and their employees will regain confidence and they will go buy things for their families

-Retail and Service sectors of our economy would pick up, and THEY would all start to spend money again

-People would see that there is movement on the real estate market and everyone that was on the fence about buying would realize that they’re about to miss their chance at a bargain and would get motivated to buy now

-Our supply of housing would be cut in half and that would bring us back closer to a normal balance of supply and demand and would stabilize our market on a long-term basis.

What? How will you pay for it? There are deals out there you can get with little to No Money down deals.

Have you forgotten all the things you come to learn at our seminar, training and networking events or do not know how to apply the: Subject to, assignments, lease options, wholesale, short sale deals and seek owner financing among other techniques.

But just in case you are not sure if a real estate offer is a deal just let me know, I will assess it, if I like it I will buy it.

Just remember, most wealth is created in real estate in a down market. So run to buy as much!

Author's Bio: 

Axel Lopez is a full time investor, speaker, marketing consultant . He can be reached by email at: info@AxelLopez.com, by Tel. 321-442-8211 www.AxelLopez.com.