Most experts have been focusing their teachings on the great power of the subconscious mind to assimilate 1000 times more information than the conscious mind. The typical idea is that in order to have full access to the subconscious mind, you must be in a meditative state. Only then can you programming it at will.

Let´ s take a quick look at what else is usually taught about programming and utilizing the power of the subconscious mind.

1. By using consistent repetition the subconscious mind will eventually accept what you want to impress upon it.
2. By not saying negative words like NO, NOT and DON’T, but by always saying it in a positive way.
3. By holding an image of what you want in your mind until it is accepted.
4. By affirming what you want, the subconscious mind has no say and must accept what you affirm.
5. By asking for answers to your subconscious mind since it has access to all the information in the universe.

The question is why do the vast majority of people find it almost impossible to actually program themselves the way they would like? Here is a crucial aspect of the subconscious mind that is grossly ignored. The missing key is the fact that the subconscious mind has a huge say in what gets impressed upon it. The subconscious mind does not just accept any belief you want, even if you are persistent with the thought. Unless, of course – you give the subconscious mind what it wants.

What does it want? That is the million dollar question.

And it is not a million dollars the mind wants.

Here is what it wants…

It wants you NOT to suffer. That’s is right. That is all it wants and if you give it what it wants then you will be set free. Completely. Every time.

More specifically if you can assimilate the idea that you will be safe and not get emotionally or physically hurt then you´ll have the full cooperation from that amazing friend that is your subconscious mind. There is very simple and powerful technique that can teach this just how to do that, “give the subconscious mind what it wants.” It is called the iMaster Techniques and it evolved from meridian energy therapies, EFT for example and BSFF.

This technique puts to use a cue word which triggers the subconscious mind to release any perception of possible threats.

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Founder of The iMaster Techniques, Author, Self Mastery Coach, Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, My current focus is on helping others achieve personal freedom. I have been passionately active in the personal development field for more than 20 years. I have a back ground in Physical Therapy, Energy Healing, Meridian Energy Therapy Techniques.