Change does not have to be hard. It does not have to be a monumental and daunting task. Small things matter and add up in creating what you want for yourself. Whether you are trying to shed unwanted fat or run a marathon, small steps toward the desired outcome will foster progress.

I invite you to take the 10/24 challenge. Decide you will do each of these things and then feel the incredible shift in the energy and power of your life. Know that you will likely crave a second day and third and so on of the surge of positivity you will create! And now for your 10/24 Challenge List!

1. Look around your home and find 5-10 things you can donate or throw away. Do you have piles of old magazines? Do you keep books you didn't enjoy reading or have no interest in reading? Broken things, things you'll never use, that don't fit all can go...

2. Make a list of the 100 reasons you are wonderful. We ae taught from a young age that modesty is wonderful but that creates adults that have a hard time recognizing and celebrating why we are incredible! Are you organized, a great singer, fun dancer, or baker of the world's best banana bread? Did you do a great job training your puppy? Celebrate you!

3. Take a break from technology. Computers are huge energy drains. Take a break from the cell, hand-held, computer and so on... It is not good to always be reachable. We need to be able to disconnect and center ourselves.

4. Offer encouragement and support to others. Pick 1-2 people today to send a card or note to. Perhaps make a phone call or offer a word of encouragement or acknowldgement. Unsolicited kindnesses uplift and heal. They stay with the receiver a good long time and the positive vibe ripples out into the world.

5. Get Physical. Sweat. Earn your shower. Get out of your head and into your body! There is an aliveness that comes from raising your heart beat and connecting to the primal part of you. Drink lots of H2O and move!

6. Make a gratitude list. However easy or hard your life seems to be there is always something to be grateful for. Find and name the gift in even the toughest of circumstances. Perhaps you are smarter, stronger or more courageous because of your life situations. Perhaps you feel profoundly grateful for the people in your life, your job, health or the kitten you were able to adopt. Let the gratitude flow out of you and it opens the road for more of what you want to flow into your life.

7. Eliminate 1-2 energetic drains. Your body speaks to you. It has a divine intelligence infused in every cell and it tells you when you are engaged in an activity that feeds you or depletes you. Is it time to find a new job, new partner, new home? Is it time to stop pretending you like someone or that enjoy doing something you have committed to? Is the plant on your sill dead?

8. Make an ultimate dream list. Let your dreams flow out of your heart through your pen. It can be small or big, seemingly impossible or fun and easy... Write them all down, after all, there is no impossible. Would you love to have lunch with Oprah Winfrey? Start your own business? Redecorate your bathroom? What do you want to experience, allow, and create? Writing them down and reading the list tells the divine energy of the universe you would love to see it manifest!

9. Forgive Someone. Forgiveness is a gift you offer others but it is also a gift to yourself. The more yo hold onto a hurt or anger and resentment, the more it will erode your health and energy. Try to approach the situation with compassion for the person who hurt you. Did he/ she have little emotional maturity, self-esteem or social skills. Were they a product of the hurt inflicted by another?

10. Pray. Yes, ask for help. The Divine, God, Allah, your higher self, universal consciousness, WHATEVER you call the source of all of us, is synonymous with love. God wants you to be joyful, happy and a vibrant, fulfilled presence on the earth. Ask for help in creating what you want. A simple sincere prayer asking for healing or to be relieved of sadness has power in it. Support in finding a job, home, partner, or the willpower to follow through on a healthy choice... Ask for help.

I hope you will take on the 10/24 challenge to do these 10 things, not just in the next 24 hours but repeat each day that follows! You will feel the surge of energy as these changes permeate your life! And when you do, please contact me at and tell me about your experience!

Author's Bio: 

Rena Reese is a lifecoach trained through the Coaches Training Institute. In addition she is a speaker and workshop leader. She holds a BA in education from Rivier College and a MS in counseling from Johns Hopkins University. Rena was a teacher and tutor for nearly 20 years before deciding to pursue her spiritual gifts full time. Her spiritual evolution was coupled with her physical transformation when she was named a 2004 Body-For-Life Grand Champion.