I wish I could count how many times I've been asked the question, "Why aren't my articles pulling?" You created what you see as a masterpiece, but the response just wasn't what you expected. Never fear! There are some common - but easily overcome - mistakes that many writers make. Let's look at these problems, and their solutions.

Catch Their Attention

Do you know that most publishers receive dozens and dozens of articles every single day? How do most of them choose one or two from the pile? They start with the title. Almost every publisher I've talked with says they skim down the list of submissions looking for a title that grabs their attention. If your article doesn't stand out in the crowd, you'll most likely be overlooked.

Stay Within the Boundaries

Ezine publishers and Web masters have a limited amount of space to dedicate to articles. This is why they look for pieces that are (generally) between 500 - 750 words long. Those articles that far exceed 750 words are likely to be rejected. It could be that your article makes some excellent points, but if you've gone into the 850-1000 word range, chances are you'll never get any "ink."

Stay Focused

Many articles simply try to cover too much. They start with a title about creating a killer Web site, move onto how PhotoShop uses layers to build graphics and end up with an inside look at hosting. Pick one, specific topic and stick to it.

Be Fresh

There are certain subjects that have just been "done to death." Here is a sampling: How To Drive Free Traffic To Your Web Site, What To Look For In A Web Host, The Top 10 Web Design Mistakes. Be original. If you must write on one of these topics that you see almost everywhere, take a new approach.


Write to one person. In order to make a connection with the reader, you have to be personal. If you were talking to someone on the telephone, you wouldn't likely say, "Everyone, listen to what I'm going to tell you." You would use the words "you," "your," "we," etc. The one sentence that makes me cringe is "For all of you reading this article..."

Submit To LOTS Of Publishers

Just because one publisher or Web master didn't accept your article is no reason to abandon ship. Not everyone has the same needs. Not everyone will use your article right away. It takes time a patience to succeed with article promotions.

Above all, don't give up! It takes time for others to get used to seeing your name before a level of trust is built. Before you know it, your name and insights will be highlighted in some of the top ezines on the 'Net!

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