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All the talk these days seems to focus around ways to promote your Internet business. Most of them center around online methods such as Ezine advertising and banner ads. But there are some excellent, offline methods you can use to promote your business, too. And they’re FREE!

Radio Talk Shows
There is practically an unlimited number of radio stations that bring experts in various fields into their studios. I’m sure you have heard some of these shows on your local radio stations. The guest expert answers calls from listeners who phone into the radio station. You can be that expert! During the show, you have ample opportunities to announce your Web address so listeners can visit your site. You don’t pay anything to be a guest. It’s a win-win situation. The radio station needs qualified guests to fill its airtime and you need the exposure. Everyone benefits.

Local Television Segments
Pay particular attention to the content offered on your local television stations. Do you notice shows, or segments of shows, where guests speak about various topics? If so, contact that station and offer to be a guest on their segment.

Chamber of Commerce Guest Speaker
Almost every city in the United States has a Chamber of Commerce. Although I don’t have first-hand knowledge of such in other countries, I’ll be most have a similar organization.

Chambers of Commerce look for guest speakers. Most of them host weekly or monthly breakfasts or lunches to allow the business people who are members to network with one another. During this time, they book guest speakers to offer a presentation to the Chamber members. You have a captive audience that you can speak to, network with and direct to your Web site.

Local Business Magazines
Many towns have locally published business-oriented magazines. These deal with local interests as well as more broad topics relative to all businesses. Contact your local magazine and offer to write a monthly or weekly guest column for them. Your credits will be provided with your article?including your domain name.

The same idea used above for local magazines can be used to approach your local newspaper. While papers do have staff writers, they are also looking for experts who can provide excellent insight into specific areas. You might consider contacting the Business Editor to get more information. Of course, include your Web address with your bio.

Association Newsletters
Most local chapters of associations offer printed newsletters that are mailed to their membership. Open your telephone book and look through the listings to find associations that fit with your target audience. Approach these publications about contributing an article on a regular basis, provided your credits (with domain name) are included.

Create A Promotion
If your business has a product or service that can benefit the listeners or viewers of a TV or radio station, create an idea for a promotion and bring it to the Promotion Director’s attention. You might tie it in with a holiday or event. Perhaps during National Small Business Week, you can offer to give away products or services in a drawing. The exposure you receive will far outweigh the cost of your freebie.

These are just a few ways you can promote your online business offline for free. If you look around your community, you’re sure to find many others. Keep your eyes open and watch for other outlets that can bring promotional opportunities to your company and more visitors to your Web site.

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