Many of you have already figured it out; television creates stress – period. Commercial television is designed and intended to create stress for the simple reason that stressed-out people buy things to sedate or distract themselves – or to solve the problems the television tells them they have. This form of mass-hypnosis has been so effective, there are now thousands of television channels; and, a new mass-market has been generated by creating unrealistic self-images and low self-esteem with artificial images of artificial people – and the answer to your problems just a toll-free telephone call away (and “just three-easy payments of $49.95…”).

Television shows are carefully scripted to manipulate your emotions; if they weren’t, you wouldn’t watch them. But different shows do different things to different people – and cause them to want different things. For instance, daytime television is largely aimed at housewives and mothers of small children who are at home during the day; daytime programming consists primarily of talk, or “gossip,” shows, soap-operas, and game-shows. Talk shows create a variety of emotions based on the day-to-day content of the show; while soap operas mostly generate concern, worry, anxiety, jealousy, resentment, and other “dramatic” emotional states, and game-shows are often focused on a financial windfall or the latest consumer goods – things most people don’t have. The commercial advertisements you see during these programs are typically for health or life insurance, feminine products, cleaning products, diet and exercise products, food, and drugs.

Sporting events will have commercial advertising for chips and beer, trucks, and other man-stuff; these products are intentionally anchored to very intense emotional states that correspond with the product. The business of marketing and advertising is a very sophisticated business of hypnosis and behavioral manipulation through the manipulation of thoughts and emotions. This isn’t a “conspiracy theory;” this is a very scientific process used by major corporations, governments, religions, militaries, and advertisers all over the world. We simply believe what we see and hear from any source we have labeled, “Authoritative,” such as: Books, Television, the Internet, Preachers, Teachers, Doctors, Politicians, Parents, etc. Then, we live our lives by these bits of information we have stored as beliefs. When our beliefs about how the world, or our body, health, relationships, or life, should be don’t match-up with what we seem to be experiencing, we experience stress and we do whatever we were programmed to do to relieve the stress.

“Fortunately” for us, right after the television stresses us out, it tells us where we can go, and what we can buy, to escape from, calm, soothe, or eliminate the feeling or fear it just gave us with advertising and programming specifically designed to generate that emotion. And it works! It works perfectly – almost every time – with the vast majority of people. Just look at the labels in your closet, and the food you eat during the day; if you watch a lot of television, you’ll notice these things in the programs and commercials you watch.

And, if you hate your body, watching shows about “sexy” superstars in expensive clothes and skimpy swimsuits isn’t helping your self-esteem, either – the diet food commercials they run during those kinds of shows is testament to the fact that advertisers understand who is watching these shows and how they feel about themselves. And, believe me when I tell you that they care a lot more about making money than they do about the harmful effects of the carefully chosen words and images they are implanting in your psyche. If you must watch television, do yourself a favor and select programming that empowers and uplifts you – gossip, drama, tragedy, and people-watching shows are designed to do the exact opposite.

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