Teen panic disorders can be pure hell. The teen years can be turbulent as it is without the added burden of a panic disorder. Teen years are a bad time to get panic attacks.

This is a time they want to be free to express themselves, enjoy life, perhaps even be a little bad. They want to be outgoing and be with friends and have no responsibilities.

When a teen goes through a panic attack and it develops into a panic disorder, life can be misery. There's also a chance agoraphobia can develop.

Panic Strikes Frequently In The Teen Years

Many, many people who have struggled for years with this disorder recall experiencing it initially in their teens. It's common for panic to strike during teen years.

Because it's hard to predict when it will next strike, it can be agony, feeling as if there's a bomb about to explode. Panic attacks are extremely frightening.

Agoraphobia Can Develop

It's estimated that 1 in 3 people with panic disorders will develop agoraphobia. For a teen to have both panic and agoraphobia is like cutting off a bird's wings.

Having all of this hit you at any stage in your life is incredibly difficult, but in the teen years, it must be torture. Friends may call to say they're going out, but the suffering teen might not go.

Instead, they stay home and feel miserable. Going out is no longer easy or fun. They may feel depressed. Friends won't understand either. They don't see what the "big deal" is anyway.

But it is indeed a big deal. It's difficult to have enjoyment. No one understands how real and difficult it is. It's time to get help, preferably before agoraphobia rears its ugly head.

Treatment Works

There are so many good methods to treat teen panic disorders. Cognitive behavioral therapy and drugs work. Alternative therapies work. However, the teen has to work too.

Getting well, no matter what form of treatment you choose, requires your input. You will eventually make great strides and feel so much better, something you thought was never possible.

There are other choices as well. You may need to find what method you prefer and experiment to find what works best for you. Be patient, you will improve!

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