Definition of a Techno Freak: anyone who uses technology that they have researched and are an informed consumer. How else would a very cool person exercise his or her right to push the market place and demand the products that are supplied by compliant companies? Why would they comply with what you want to spend your money on?

Because they need the sale to exist. That is after all the bottom line and it's your dollar out there in the market place. As consumers we area still investing in computing devices on the binary system therefore forecasting our expenditure wisely over the next few years brings to mind two issues: the recycling crisis from the industry cranking our new models which will have to be replaced once quantum computing is here. So while you are admiring your neighbors new lap top with the latest design improvements keep that in mind; you are not un cool but getting informed about your options. Upgrading internal hardware is an option and would assist government with the problem of disposing of computer and cell phone refuse that they would no longer be left with to dispose of after it is out of date.

It is highly possible that as written in my fictitious novel there will be an information highway that is linked from your cell phone to a computer and it has already begun with VOIP which was created during the time I wrote my book. It makes sense that this would be a quantum q bit based system so keep that in mind when upgrading your cell phone with every plan as all of these devices will one day be obsolete. How far away is this? There is a link on the links page that may answer that as Canada is already working on it. What is needed is a computer and phone platform that you can upgrade the hardware inside it without having to change the entire phone or computing device.

In addition if you have any ear discomfort from the strong signal coming from the cellular device it is wise to let the wireless companies know immediately so that they have the correct data from consumers to impact their product development. It is proven that cellular telephones do heat the brain and recently Wireless International posted a video clip warning to keep headsets away from small children. That is why anyone using new technology would be wise to research what they are using and to ensure that product safety guidelines are clearly marked on the package or insert. Obviously no pregnant woman or parent of a toddler would have her cell phone turned on anywhere near her baby's head.

Fear is eradicated when we know what we are using and opt to suggest constructive solutions to the companies that invent our technology. Government agencies are also there to protect the consumer and I have found that they provide excellent contact resources for your feedback. Does our government ever fear our voting voice? If we complain without conscious contemplation of possible solutions then we become a heckling public and an unspoken distance is created between them and us. An educated consumer is an armed powerhouse that arranges change effectively with conscious research contemplation and planning. Such power is yours especially all you cool Techno Freaks as defined at the beginning of this article. I for one vowed never to allow a computer no matter how fast to be smarter than me and therefore know that the quality of the programming I will have in the future will likely be greater because of my proactive attitude.

So with the coming quantum computing changes plan your technology purchases wisely and know that new fashions of phones that were soon replaced ended up sent to small countries to dump which threatened their drinking water because US and Canada did not want to dispose of 150,000 CA and 2,000,000 US of the refuse as written about recently in a local paper. It takes two the consumer and the corporations that create the technology to create a reality where such a drastic contrast in technological prowess to hidden environmental issues is eradicated. That's the power of your $$$$ shop till you drop wisely and have fun.

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