Today is the day you have the big meeting where you want everyone to pay attention and really understand where you are coming from. You want others to agree with you and work as a team. Or maybe you have a co-worker that you just want to get along with. No really…you want to get along, not just wish they would disappear. You can do something about any situation involving other people and it is all in how you visualize and act.
You can influence the situation by using the Law of Attraction and your 'inner' you as long as everyone is sending out the same kind of vibration and that is where you want to start.

Before your big day find some time to visualize. Visualize the meeting going well and everyone smiling, getting along, and see everyone being on the same page. Co-workers that are usually a problem recognize that they are having one of those days where they actually agree. See your meeting the way that you want it to be. If it is a co-worker that you want to influence, see yourself getting along and everything is happening with ease. Feel it, hear it, and see it in the now. When visualizing make sure your mind doesn't wander away, and if it does gently bring it back to the visualization of your wants. If your logical mind steps in and tells you that it isn't possible, again, gently bring your mind back to the ideal visualization until you really feel that it will happen.

Take time to have some quiet time to yourself and see yourself in your workplace or in the place where the person that you want to influence is. Begin to visualize a white glow coming from within. See the white glow enlarging and encompassing the room. See the white glow encompassing the person who you wish to influence. See them feeling 'love' coming from your light. Yes…love. Love breaks down barriers and inspires others.

When it is coming from you, you will be surrounding the person you want to influence with love. When you send out love to someone, that love will attract more of the same feeling to you via the Universe. Remember that whatever you think and feel will attract back to you. This has to be done with complete trust within you.

By visualizing and emitting love you will be sending out a frequency that will attract the feeling back to you. If the person you want to influence is on the same frequency as you, they will be influenced. They will only be influenced if they are ready to listen, see, and feel it your way. Before, they may not have known that is what they wanted, but when you visualize and reach out to them it is very possible that they will begin to take a turn and see it your way…if it is within their vibration.

If they are not to be influenced, there will not be a change right now but if they are ready to break down walls and move to the level of your vibration, they will be moving forward. Remember to not push yourself into influencing another. Only visualize from your point of view, not your getting your way. If you push, this provides resistance and you will attract resistance. Always visualize with the end result including ease for you and whomever you visualize about. Someone can only be influenced if they are ready to come up (or down) to the vibration that you emit. Grow your visualization with your light and all will turn out as you wish!

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