After years of teaching, you definitely have created and archived tons of engaging presentations with your own efforts. But how many people have already known all your great works? Think about it. Besides the one-time slide show, why not exhibit your masterpiece to more people, who may really appreciate your professional works very much?

Certainly the best way to share your masterpiece with the world is putting it online. People around the world can easily watch your presentation without borders. And you get more happiness from the sharing. While Internet provides the convenience to express yourself, you must pay attentions to protecting your copyrights online.

Direct Download

There are many methods to share your PowerPoint presentations on the Internet. Simply uploading your PowerPoint files to Web storage for downloading is the fastest one. But it has the highest risk to your copyrights. The people who downloaded your PowerPoint files may modify your exclusive content for some commercial uses. If you don't want to be in hassle, be careful to use this way.

Save as Web Page

Saving your presentation as Web Page in PowerPoint could be a safer implement. The viewers cannot copy any slides from your presentation. But unfortunately, the feature in PowerPoint only generates static slides in Web page without transitions and animations, but it comes with lots of additional files besides a HTM/HTML file. Moreover, the auto-generated scripts in Web page may be not supported in some browsers. So this trial is also not recommended.

Embed into Web Page

Embedding your masterpiece into your blog, MySpace as a part of Web page is the ideal result. Since PowerPoint files can't be embedded into Web pages directly, converting to other formats is the alternative solution. Flash can be the best approach, because Flash is widely supported by most browsers with small file size, rich media content. Just convert your PowerPoint presentation into Flash and then manually embedding that Flash into your blog. In order to do this, the first thing you'll need is a converter.

PowerPoint to Flash Converter

There are many options available to help you convert PowerPoint presentation to Flash files. Most free converters or online services only convert to bare minimum without any effects; however, presentation community such as Slideshare ( is a great Web 2.0 application. If you want your masterpiece presentation to contain all the transitions and other odds and ends that your original did, you need to work with some powerful converters, such as Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional (, which can retain your original content in PowerPoint to Flash conversion, and supports for latest PowerPoint 2007 files.

Upload and Embed Your Work

The next step is to upload your masterpiece to the Web. If you have your own Web space, that is probably the best place to store it. If you try to embed your Flash presentation to a shared blogging account you might need to store it on a site like (, who provides a safe, secure storage to keep your PowerPoint presentations as well as any other files.

Finally, all you need is to set up the embed code to place your Flash in the Web page. See a tutorial from W3 School ( You can simply copy and paste the completed code into your blog post or other Web pages. And now your masterpiece presentation is on the best way to the world.

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