It is suggested that that there are two main approaches to life.

One approach, is to accept all the Truths of life as true, as being completely, actually real, no question. Absolute, bedrock “how things are”.

Realities such as:

The existence of God.
That we have a Soul
The nature of Love.
The nature of Truth.
The Meaning of Life.
What brings us Happiness.
What brings us Joy.
What it means to have Faith.
What activity or view of life is considered Spiritual
The existence of an Afterlife.
The existence of Heaven and Hell.
The nature and role of Sex.

Another approach to life, is that real freedom of mind and true sanity comes from discovering for ourselves, with a conscious mind, what is actual in ourselves and life.

This is an approach that suggests it is important to discover for ourselves the nature and role of things we take for granted as real.

That it’s especially important to find out for ourselves all the reasons for our automatic acceptance of the issues listed above, as being true.

To discover what role, if any, our deep unmet needs have in what we believe and why we believe.

It is possible that real fulfillment comes from having the courage to face and transcend our despair, pain and suffering and our fears.

That to become real we need to put aside all ideas of good, bad, right or wrong and discover our unconscious motivations for seeing life in these ways.

It is the mismatch between our ideas of what is real and what is actually real that is the source of our suffering.

We need to put aside all ideas and “this is how things are, there’s nothing I can do about it” beliefs about ourselves and life.

If we put them aside as not true or untrue, and to begin to let what is actual and real, demonstrably, be revealed, we can begin to free ourselves from our unconscious, unthinking, self-limitations.

To embrace change, with real understanding of how our beliefs create the content and experience of our lives, is the way to freedom and spiritual sanity.

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Years of research into consciousness, zero-point physics theory, emergence theory, memes and many other new understandings coming out of mathematics and physics. Ongoing work as relationship therapist is bringing deep revelations about the nature of our psyches. Author/illustrator children’s books (e.g. I Wish My Dad Was A Pirate). Music CD (The Nothing Booth).Related web site: For online access to unique self growth process.