You may well question the statement made in the title of this article. There are many who feel they have little or no control over their lives. That things happen to them which are totally beyond their control.

We all have control of our lives. No one else controls our thoughts or our attitudes, and those are what make our lives what they are. While it is true others may control some of our outer circumstances such as our salary, our vacation time, and the hours we work, they do not control our thoughts and attitudes.

You are and will become what your thoughts and attitudes make of you. Others may influence your thoughts for better or worse, however you control them. We are too quick to accept what others say as being true without checking it for ourselves. What is true for others my not be true for us.

We need to take the advice and statements of others with caution, accepting only that which will advance us toward what we wish to be and achieve. This is not to say you should keep a closed mind. Always maintain an open mind because you never know when you will find something in another's statements or actions which will be of great benefit to you.

Granted, it is difficult to maintain a positive, uplifting state of mind when all seems to be going against you. Believe it or not, the pain of being depressed and worried requires more of you than the effort it requires to be positive and happy about your life and its conditions.

We seen to have gotten into the habit of accepting things as they come without making a determined effort to change our way of perceiving them. For some reason we believe it easier to accept things as they are than to make changes in our thinking and attitudes.

This is due in part to the things we have learned from others and from our experiences. We are always being told to go with the flow and not to rock the boat. For our own peace of mind and benefit there are times we must take charge of ourselves and do only those things best for us, regardless of being against the flow or rocking the boat.

The direction of your thoughts to the good things in your life sometimes takes a lot of concentrated effort. It also takes much effort and creates a lot of stress when constantly thinking of the things in your life which are disagreeable to you. So why not use your thoughts to your advantage?

Why not try controlling your thoughts and attitudes to experience the change it will make in your life?

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Copyright 2001 by Robert Taylor
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